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Hong Kong's scrapping of vaccine immunity violates law: court

Hong Kong
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It’s illegal for the Hong Kong government to void thousands of certificates for weeks Five, a court ruled to exempt people from the coronavirus vaccine, a rare rebuke of the city’s strict epidemic control measures.

Coronavirus vaccine is not mandatory in Hong Kong, but Chinese cities use QR code health code system to reject unvaccinated people come into contact with many public places.

In recent months, police have charged seven doctors with fraudulent releases in a city that declared indecision over a coronavirus vaccine Exemptions, especially among older adults.

Following the capture of medics, local authorities announced that around 20,000 exemption certificates would be declared invalid.

But High Court Judge Russell Coleman ruled that Hong Kong’s public health law does not support such a move.

“A government minister derives his or her legal powers from legislation, not from announcements in press releases, ‘ Coleman wrote Friday.

Hong Kong’s unelected government has used emergency powers to pass some of the world’s toughest pandemic rules – including Mandatory face masks and bans on large outdoor gatherings – which are still in effect today.

Emergency legislation specifies how exemption certificates work, but does not provide a solution for when the document is valid

Health Secretary Lo Chung-mao said he would respond after the study. He is the Attorney General.

Legal challenges to invalidity are made by what is known as the “King of Judicial Review,” who routinely uses the courts to review government policy.

Government lawyers have argued that there is a need to scrap “suspicious” certificates that reduce the risk of infection, adding that, if eligible, People can still get alternatives.

They also said that unvaccinated residents can continue their businesses, for example, by buying takeout food instead of going to restaurants.

The complete vaccination rate in Hong Kong is about 90%. But more than 360,000 people over the age of 60 — the group most at risk of dying — remain unvaccinated.

Authorities charged at least 26 people, including five government employees, with improperly issued immunity documents.

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