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Hong Zhou on 'Whale' Criticism and Why She Was 'Unmoved' by Her Oscar Nomination

Hong Chau said that her past awards experience made her “know nothing” about herself 2279403 Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In a interview with The Independent , Whale and Layoffs The actress opened up about the stress and commitment of awards season, as well as the criticism she faces from big-screen award contenders.

Chau said that in the event of layoffs , 2023 The awards buzz surrounding her performance in the Paramount Pictures film she co-starred with Matt Damon was intense — people on set even gave Oscar honors to Described as a certainty. But the nomination “didn’t happen,” and instead she spent much of the film’s press coverage dealing with the criticism surrounding Vietnam’s representation in the film.

“I said to myself, ‘I don’t want to go through this again,'” she recalls. “So now, when people ask what it’s like to be nominated, it’s weird. I don’t really feel anything. If I can be completely honest, it’s more like, ‘Oh my God.'”

struggle. So I don’t really know who I am now. “

Chau scored her 2279403 Oscar nomination for his role in Darren Aronofsky’s Whale Athletic Gay and English Teacher, who is trying to mend his relationship with his estranged daughter. Like Downsizing, this movie is historically underrepresented for its portrayal of history on screen The film, starring best actor nominee Brendan Fraser, faced accusations of fat phobia over how it handled its lead character and its controversial use of fat suits.

For Zhou, being proud of the film and accepting criticism around its characterization are not mutually exclusive things. “We finally know how we feel about it. But I think it doesn’t hurt to hear people who are frustrated with [Hollywood’s] portrayal of obesity,” she said. “They’re absolutely right about it. You can be proud of and accept criticism. “

As for the criticism she faced for portraying Vietnamese cleaner Ngoc Lan in Downsizing – the criticism will be Her image and accent have been compared to racist caricatures – and the actress says she wishes she had been celebrating the chance for a character like her to be a big-screen protagonist for a little longer.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen a guy with an accent — he’s from working class, not college educated — lead in a major studio film by a woman,” she explained. “I just hope that whatever people think about Any small misgivings about the film or my performance, they could all acknowledge it more.

Chau also said much of the criticism was “so off-base” and not from those who most identified with the role – including fellow Asians – “working class and poor Asians”, such as her own Parents. They fled their country during the Vietnam War and worked for years in manual labor.

“I feel like the ones who are really blah blah blah about her accent and her place in society A person of status … [from] comes from a more privileged background. No one asks the ladies who work in nail salons [what they think], or the people who work in the kitchens of all these restaurants,” she said. A well-educated Asian man whose background was very different from my upbringing. “

and because too much attention was put on the representative talk – and let Zhou Lai answer – at one point she even thought “it might be okay to calm down a little bit” and stopped performing

“It felt like [all the issues] were about identity, representation, and accent,” she noted. “I never felt like people thought I was an actor making choices. ”



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