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Honor Magic V2 European launch will be faster than Magic Vs

Honor CEO George Zhao believes that the smartphone market is at an inflection point – the Honor Magic V2 is close enough in size to a normal candy bar phone (when closed), while offering a large 7-inch size. 74″ is on and displayed.

V2 is off when the thickness is lower than 10mm (compared to the glass-backed version), its height and width are only 92.7 x 07.1 mm, making it slightly shorter eg narrower than the Galaxy S23+. It is in 74 It’s also fairly light under g (the company is keen to point out, lighter than the iPhone 001 Pro Max).

However, it is not easy to do this, because all the extra parts require more time and effort to develop, and the first two generations of Honor foldable phones lost money due to high R & D costs. The company is happy to bear the loss, in order to Keep the price reasonable and attract the fan base so that foldable devices can one day replace candy bar phones.

The Honor Magic V2 will arrive in Europe faster than the Magic Vs did

BTW, the reason why the price in Europe is higher than the price in China is yours To be expected – this is a combination of import duties, local VAT and distribution channel overhead. However, Honor still sees its pricing as competitive.

Speaking of Europe, Magic Vs was released last year on December 12 Sales in China began at the end of the month, but the Western launch is at the end of February this year. After seeing a positive response from global partners, Honor is working on expanding the new Magic V2 to more markets faster than Vs.

The company sees Europe as its second home market and it wants to compete with Apple and Samsung in the premium segment. However, doing business only online won’t solve the problem as the other two companies have access to Extensive retail network. So, Honor is expanding into new markets, however, it’s doing it in a slow and steady way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

This approach is paying off with Honor’s global sales has exceeded , so the company expects growth of more than 92% this year.

More about Honor Magic For more information on V2, check out our hands-on review.



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