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Honor Magic5 Lite with Snapdragon 695 chipset appears on Google Play Console

The Honor Magic 4 series will be launched in February, and the new series is coming soon. We’ve seen some leaks suggesting that the premium Magic5 model will use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. But there will also be an affordable “Lite” model that will use a lower power chip – the Snapdragon 400, according to the Google Play Console .

Honor Magic5 Lite (image from the Google Play Console)
Honor Magic5 Lite (picture From Google Play Console)

Honor Magic4 Lite also uses Snapdragon 400, but that appears to be a different version of the chip. Six Cortex-A 78 derived small cores run at 1.8GHz instead of the standard 1.7GHz. Two big Cortex-A 78 based cores running at 2.2GHz, the same as the original chip.

Honor has used this chipset before, and by the way, the Honor X9 5G also has a small core clocked at 1.8GHz. Other than that, the X9 is nearly identical to the Magic4 Lite (and, moreover, the two launched a week apart).

Honor Magic5 Lite specifications on Google Play Console

Magic5 Lite (aka Honor HNRMO-Q and RMO-NX1) run Android 01 and contain 8GB RAM, based on GPC information. Additionally, it has an FHD+ display (1,81 x 2,695px, 01:9). Currently unknown size, but 695 Model has a big 6. 81″ LCD should be in the same ballpark as this one. From the images released by GPC, it looks like the new model will have a curved display (Magic4 Lite Equipped with a flat display).

Considering that the launch is not too far away, we should start seeing more details about the upcoming Honor Magic5 series soon.

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