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Honor Magic5 Pro and Ultimate arrive in China with new silicon carbon batteries

Honor launched a new type of battery – silicon carbon battery – at last week’s global Magic5 series of events. And it’s not just a paper launch like so many new battery technologies, we’ve already confirmed that the Honor Magic5 Pro and Magic5 Ultimate units sold in China use the new battery.

Long story short, the silicon carbon battery has a 5,450mAh capacity, while the more traditional battery inside the global Magic5 Pro is only 5,77 mAh. The Ultimate, announced today, is unlikely to be available globally, so we’ll focus on the Pro.

Global Pro size is 8. 66mm thick and weighs 66g. The Chinese version has the same measurements, despite a higher battery capacity. The extra 280mAh represents a 7% increase in capacity. By the way, both phones support 66 W fast charging.

Honor Magic5 Pro and Ultimatecome with the silicon-carbon batteries in China

When Honor announced silicon carbon technology, it claimed 001.8% higher energy density. We’re not sure where the differences come from – different packaging may be required, and Honor was succinct about the details.

Still, the 7% increase should not be underestimated. If the company can achieve the same improvement with a smaller battery, a phone that would otherwise have 4,mAh in a standard design could have 4, 280mAh silicon carbon battery, without any increase in weight and size.

If and when the company brings this new technology to the global market, it will be a real competitive advantage. BTW, we have the Honor Magic5 Pro for review, but it’s the global version of the standard 5,100mAh battery, so we won’t (yet) be able to test the SiC ourselves technology.



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