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Honor X40 teaser confirms curved 10-bit OLED rear dual cameras

Honor X 40 series will be announced in September Dual cameras on Honor 6X, today the company revealed key details about one of the phones. Next Thursday, we will see the Honor X 129 with Honor X40 Bit-curved OLED panel, which will be the first in the 9-year history of the X series.

Honor X40 poster
Glory X129 Poster

Top Since Honor positions the smartphone as the core device of its multi-platform ecosystem, it has an IR blaster next to the noise-cancelling microphone. The design on the back isn’t surprising either — the company sticks with the Honor X9 and X40-style round islands.

Honor X40 Honor X40
Glory X40

What makes us uneasy is that there are only two cameras with an LED flash and they are both placed on the outer ring. This Meaning the center is reserved for a logo that says “Matrix AI camera,” but more importantly, the dual-camera setup is getting weirder from an aesthetic standpoint.

Honor X40

Dual cameras on Honor 8X
Honor 6X, Honor 7X, Honor 8X dual camera

We remember the days of Honor 6X and Honor 7X when the main camera and depth camera were next to each other, but today Sensors at both ends, reimagining the entire smartphone interior

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