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Hospitals grapple with staffing crisis after reported patient deaths

Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Wash., is responding to local leaders’ concerns about a recent report of a patient death outside the Emergency Department (ED) earlier this month and nurse staffing levels .

Days after patient reportedly died in ED waiting area, Snohomish County Council and Everett City Council wrote to hospital leaders over “handling of staffing” Crisis among nurses expressing “disappointment” and “concern”. “

While the letter does not mention patient deaths, it outlines more than a dozen issues that have been brought to the attention of local leaders, including worsening nurse understaffing that is said to lead to burnout and Decreased quality of care, and concerns about harming patients or losing licenses if mistakes are made.

In the letter, local leaders also detail some suggested actions hospitals can take to mitigate this Situationalization, such as meeting with nurses to hear their concerns and ideas for improving care, advocating for funding or regulatory changes in state laws that might help address understaffing, and starting at the top when savings are needed so the focus can be focused on Competing for nurses’ wages and benefits.

In response, a Providence spokesperson sent a message to MedPage Today Providence Everett sent a Nov. 18 letter to Snohomish County Council and Everett City Council, the email said. “Our leadership continued to meet with council members over the last week,” the spokesperson said. , they had a collaborative and supportive discussion.

Specifically, the letter states that the Providence Everett Hospital in the country, like other medical institutions across the country, has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

“Providence Everett Hospital is the first hospital in the nation to confirm a case of COVID-19,” the letter said. “In addition to being at the epicenter of the pandemic, many more patients have For more advanced diseases, hospital finances have been devastated by inflation and stagnant reimbursement rates, and healthcare workers are leaving the workforce across the country. “

The letter said the hospital plans to address recruitment and retention issues and look at new innovative models of care. For example, in response to nursing shortages, the hospital will add nursing teams with other clinical roles to support nursing, such as Nurse Assistant Certification (NAC) and the hiring of nursing students as nurse technicians.

The letter further states that the hospital welcomes the “cooperation and support” of local leadership moving forward. They died in their beds, not in the emergency hall.

“Based on national best practice, we have processes and protocols in place to quickly assess patients when they have an emergency guide their ongoing care and assessment,” the spokesperson said. “If a patient presents with a medical emergency in the emergency department, our dedicated team responds and initiates all appropriate methods of resuscitation. “

The spokesperson added that the hospital has initiated a review of the incident and

Christy Carrington, RN, MBA, Parent The interim chief executive of health system Providence Swedish North Puget Sound said in a statement: “We are deeply saddened by this incident and our deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones of the patient. We are providing counseling support to patients’ families, our nurses, carers and doctors. “

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