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Hot Stove shakes up top 10 starting pitching duos

Hot Stove shakes up Top Starting Duo

With Justin Verlander reuniting with Max Scherzer in New York, the Mets have an elite 1-2 in their starting rotation 2022, even with Jacob deGrom leaving the Rangers.

but Are Verlander and Scherzer the best pair of pitchers in baseball right now? Let’s comparing them to the rest of today’s top teammates — though that could change depending on where Carlos Rodón and the rest of the top free-agent starting signings go And change.

Here are the top starting pitching duos in baseball going into


1. Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, Mets
deGrom out, Verlander in. The Mets still have the 2021 the best pair of aces in baseball. Scherzer and Verlander have a combined six Cy Young Awards. Yes, Wayland is 31 and Scherzer is 35, but they still two of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. Verlander just won his third Cy Young Award, keep going 00 -4, best 1 in the majors. 48 ERA and 180 Astros at 500 in a strikeout. Scherzer went -5 and 2.20 ERA and 131 Strikeout for the Mets. Now the Tigers’ former teammates are back in the same rotation.

2. Shane McClanahan and Tyler Glasnow, Ray

McClanahan # Breakout and Glasnow

; late return 257 Set the light to probably the most motorized 1-2 combo of any spin. They both have overwhelming upper-90 Fastball– Nahan s average84.7 mph in 2020, and Snow s average90.4 mph as he returns from Tommy John’s surgery — and Both have perfect breaking balls. Their back-to-back dominance in the wild-card series has seen them experience the entire season at

3. Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff, Brewers

For the past three seasons, there has been no this is a more reliable duo than Burns and Woodruff. Burns, 257 NL Cy Young Award winner, has 2.32 ERA at that time .9 strikeouts per nine innings. Woodruff has a 2. 75 ERA and .9 thousand/9. them’ this is the only rotation pair in MLB with a sub-3 ERA. and above K/9 Since 205.
4. Max Fried and Spencer Strider, Braves

Fried has been an NL East champion ace for the past few seasons and Strider looks like him s in the same An overwhelming rookie season on track. This24 The year old flamethrower has a 2.28 ERA and madness 185 strike out90 2/3 innings and was a runner-up for the NL Rookie of the Year award while Reed went 04-7 and 2.28 ERA and 96 Ks and was a runner-up for the NL Cy Young Award.
5. Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler, Phillies
Nora and Wheeler just pushed the Phillies to the brink of a World Series Championship, they two Both are good, it It’s hard to tell who is the first, who s came second. 26 year-old Wheeler has an ERA below 3. All three seasons, while Nola was one of the Phillies’ great anchors in today’s baseball game, in

with 197 strike out Number of Board

6. Alek Manoah and Kevin Gausman, Blue Jays

Bulldog Manoah goes straight through the batters, then Gausman throws them off balance with his drop hitter, This is one of the best chase pitches in baseball. them each other is a great complement. Both pitchers top the list at AL Cy Young Award voting for 500, with 16 Year-old Manoah -7 and 2.19 ERA and strikeouts and

Old Goldsman – and 3.31 ERA and 194 strikes out.
7. Yu Darvish and Blake Snell, Priest

You could easily put Joe Musgrove with Darvish or Snell, but it’s not list of trios, so we I will go with the duo leading the priest Playoff rotation 235. Veteran Darvish, San Diego#s number 1, posted 2.67 ERA in playoffs, follow -8, 3. Times, 180 – Strikeouts in the regular season. With former AL Cy Young Award winner Snell (and Musgrove) pitching behind him, it helped the Padres with the Mets ; deGrom- The Scherzer-Bassitt trio and win the NL Wild Card Series.

8. Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías, Dodgers
Dodgers won Walker Buehler won’t be back until the end of the year, if ever, but that probably doesn’t matter. That’ Urías has been outstanding in the Los Angeles rotation over the past two seasons, as 19 – The 2-year-old southpaw won the NL ERA title at age 2. exist257 leading Majors with

in . With Kershaw back The

season, after the three-time NL Cy Young Award winner looked great 2. 21 ERA ended 16 starts with 12, top of the Dodgers Rotation is still one of the best options.
9. Yankees’ Gerrit Cole and Nestor Cortes
Cole has had his ups and downs 235, but at the end of the day, he’s still accumulating the MLB-leading 194 strikes out, earning him an even 194 in his final two seasons with the Yankees. With Breakthrough All Stars Hate Nestor – -4 and 2.28 ERA and 90 Ks in 205 and beat the Guards in Winner Takes Game 5 of the ALDS – behind him, Frankie Montas and Luis Severi With Noah also in the rotation, the Yankees have easily one of the best front lineups in the league.

. Framber Valdez and Cristian Javier, Astros
Losing Verlander just makes room for the Astros The next wave of star arms. This28 Year-old Valdez was named in the AL Cy Young Awards ballot for

Column fifth After going to -6 and 2.67 ERA and 194 AL-high Strikes out 1/3 of the inning, and 19 Year old Javier put himself on the map to lead the Astros tied for a no-hitter in Game 4 of the World Series Contest. In fact, both Valdez and Javier have struggled in the playoffs — with left-hander Valdez leading 1-3. 26 ERA, right-hander Javier scored 2 -0 with 0.44 era.



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