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Hours before the Met Gala, this is the world's most starry hotel lobby

Now it is 7: 08 In the afternoon, there is already a train passing through the Mark Hotel. Two waiters draped Gigi Hadid’s black Givenchy suit as she stood patiently behind Alton Mason Several feet of trailing lace. He dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s bride in a lace bodysuit (a nod to the white couture dress the designer wore to close the Chanel show) needed room for his veil, too. “Everyone take a step back , The security guard yelled at everyone. Bad Bunny, wearing custom Jacquemus, gallops past them with a glass of champagne in hand. Meanwhile, Mary J. Blige walked by the elevator, her glam squad dyed her blonde ponytail red as she walked by.

In just over two hours, they all shared perhaps the most famous

Every first Monday in May, the annual Met Gala is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dubbed “fashion’s biggest night,” it attracts designers, actors, models and athletes in the most exclusive — and often the most dramatic — outfits. So most of them need a place to put on said attire. Selected location? The five-star hotel The Mark, four blocks from the museum.


May 1, over 22 Celebrities – from Anne Hathaway to Cardi B to Lizzo – before

Booked a room at The Mark meet and greet. Between 5: 08 and 7: 22 pm everyone from Halls left paparazzi around the world waiting outside, eager to get a first glimpse of the outfits that will make headlines tomorrow.

By the way, Mark is used to it. They employ tons of security – the tallest law enforcement officer is 7’3″ – and the streets are closed to vehicles and pedestrians; only registered cars, people, photographers and flamboyant teams are allowed (and there are Lots of gorgeous teams). Internally, they know exactly who is where – and most importantly, when they will be ready. They alternately wait and dispatch elevators to the stars’ respective floors when they want to get out.

Vittoria Ceretti was first down at 5: 22 PM, black beading Balenciaga and opera gloves. Three minutes later, He Cong from Sacai came. 5:00: 34 – This heralds the arrival of Olivia Wilde, Vanessa Kirby and Maude Apatow, all at Chloé – The celebrity tsunami has officially begun.





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