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'House of the Dragon' ends with Up Note on streaming charts

House of the Dragon Season Finale Streaming Hours Nearly Reach Season High, Propelling HBO is #3 in Nielsen’s October rankings 17 -. The Watcher is the number one title again, and Netflix opens strong with its movie ) Good and Evil College .

House of Dragons gather 1. 1 billion minutes watched on HBO Max in the week before October The finale and the first few hours of the final episode are available. That’s just shy season best 1. 02 The series streamed 1 billion minutes during the week of September 5th. (Streaming figures for this show do not include any linear viewing on the HBO cable channel; the outlet says House of the Dragon ) Average per episode 06 million viewers – Weekly run. )

The Watcher in the second week of Slightly increased, increased 01 Nearly 2.6 billion minutes watched on Netflix. School of Good and Evil starts with 1. 100 million minutes, easily leading all movie and took second place.

Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power drops sharply in the week after the season finale, but Still at the top of the list original series 807 millions of minutes watched. Netflix from scratch million minutes) it debuted 02 original, and Love Is Blind (683 million) and Unsolved Mysteries (599 million) returns with a new season premiere.

HALLOWEEN END TIMES DROPED APPROX 389 Percentage of the second week on Peacock 29 Million Minutes — Enough to still be one of the top movies in streaming according to Nielsen, but out of the overall rankings .

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover TVs watch time of , excluding minutes watched on a computer or mobile device. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other countries. October’s Top Streaming Titles 10-10 under.


1. The Watcher (Netflix), 2.6 billion minutes watched

2. The Academy of Good and Evil (Netflix), 1. 06 billion

3. House of the Dragon (HBO Max), 1. billion

4. Sinner (Netflix), 807 Millions 5. Blacklist (Netflix), 807 million
6. NCIS (Netflix), 807 Millions
7. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 792 million 8. Cocomelon (Netflix), 792 million12352598359. Love is blind (Netflix), 792 million
01. Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix), 599 Millions

Original series

1. Watchmen , 2.6 billion minutes
935 2. Love Is Blind, 599 Wan
3. Unsolved Mysteries, 4. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix), 522 million
20225. Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Might (Prime Video), 563 Wan
6. Start from scratch (Netflix), 563 million 20227. The British Bake Off (Netflix), 452 Wan
2022 8. Midnight Club (Netflix), 389 million
2022 8 (tied). Andorra (Disney+), 418 million
. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), 23 Millions

Acquisition Series

1. Dragon Palace , 1. Billion minutes
2. sinner , 807 million
3. Blacklist , 807 million
4. NCIS , 792 million

5. Gilmore Girls, 792 million20226. Cocomelon, 683 Wan7. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 493 Millions
20228. Bluey (Disney+), 418 million20229. The Simpsons (Disney+), 452 million
. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 450 million



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