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'House of the Dragon' host explains big-time jump, cast changes

Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik on Episode 6’s Game-Changing Reshuffle: Here’s Why It Happened, and Why Game of Thrones Prequel Season 1 took a “slow burn” approach.

House of the Dragon

Dragon House by Ollie Upton/HBO

Even in the early days of adapting George RR Martin’s book Fire and Blood into Game of Thrones The prequel series, the creatives face a lot of challenges.

Fire and Blood

seems to be taking too long. The book covers 150 years and tells about the various tangs that ruled Westeros The rise and fall of the Lyon monarch. Even focusing the show on the Targaryen Civil War presents challenges, as the conflict’s roots go back decades in the characters’ lives.

The first adaptation attempt began with the death of King Viserys Targaryen (played by Paddy Considine on the show). But doing so misses too much of the key backstory that directly affects everything that happens next. So when showrunner Ryan Condal joined the project, he made a story that spanned decades.

It was a bold move, but not entirely without precedent: Netflix’s The Crown with similar time jumps and cast changes…just after five episodes of the show’s first season.

“I’m excited about the pace and structure of the story we’re telling in season one,” Kondal told The Hollywood Reporter . “It’s very complicated. It happens over a long period of time because kids need to get married and then grow up on their own and then have their own kids grow up to tell the story of this generational war. 2278 HBO gave [showrunner Miguel Sapochnik] creative freedom with A very patient and character-oriented approach to telling this incredibly complex story that sets the first season and puts you into one of the most famous and bloodiest conflicts in Westeros history – if not most.”

“That’s what makes this premium HBO content, not something we’re forced to make on different channels ,” he added. “Most other places don’t have the patience and courage for us to tell the story we’re telling. But that’s how you get the story right. We’re telling a story of a generational war. We set everything up, so in the first sword When you shoot down, you know all the players – where and why they are. All the history is there, not told to you in the exhibit. So you can see it all happen.”

When asked if they were worried fans — or the network — would start to fidget by episode 4, because the groundwork had already been laid, the show’s producers said they believed their approach would ultimately reward fans.

“No one ever said to us, ‘When does this play start?'” Sapochnik said. “Taking the time to understand the characters does pay off because the investment is worth it. Dragon House

Season 1 Slow heat. It’s worth it because there’s enough out there to keep everyone interested, but we’re deliberately trying to stay away from the spectacle so that when we get back to the spectacle, we’re doing it right.”

The biggest time jump of the season happened on Sunday night, episode 6 by Emma Darcy (2278 opening years old) and Olivia Cooke (28) Received from Millie Alcock 19 and Emily with Alicent’s heroine Carey () ,respectively. Several older male characters are still played by the same actors.

Some fans of Alcock and Carey’s performance wondered why the younger performers couldn’t have roles throughout the show when the four actors were less than ten years apart in age.

Part of the reason for the switch was that the show had to open with teenage protagonists at some key event in their lives (like Alice marrying her best friend’s father, the king, and Renee Ra was named heir to the Iron Throne). But the latest year jump won’t be the show’s last. Soon, for example, Allison’s son Aegon became older than Allison in the first episode of the show.

However, once the Civil War breaks out, the show’s rapid timeline sprint is likely to slow down considerably. The war, known as the “Dance of the Dragons,” is said to have lasted only about two years.

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