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'House of the Dragon' Reshuffle: Co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik Leaves Hit Series (Exclusive)

Emmy-winning Game of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor will join the team in season two.

Miguel Sapochnik on the set of Season 1 of House of the Dragon
Provided by HBO

has changed a lot inside Dragon House : ThisHBO Fantasy drama co-producer and director Miguel Sapochnik is stepping in

Sources say Sapochnik is working for

game of Thrones Prequel. Dragon Co-creator Ryan Condal will Now serving as the only show on the show Moderator and continues to work closely with co-creator George RR Martin. Sapochnik has also signed a preliminary agreement with HBO to develop new projects and will remain as executive producer for the duration of the series.

Production hired another critically acclaimed Throne Veteran Alan Taylor will serve as a multi-episode director, executive producer and director for the second season.

“Working in the Throne 1235208276 The universe has been an honor and a privilege for the past few years, especially with the wonderful cast and crew spent Dragon House ,” Sapochnik said in a said in a statement. “I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished in Season 1 and am overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from the audience. The decision to move on was tough, but I know it was the right choice for me personally and professionally. However, when I did, I was deeply relieved to learn that Alan would be joining the series. He is someone I have known and respected for a long time, and I believe this precious series could not be in safer hands. I am happy to continue Be a part of HBO and Dragon House family, of course, I wish Ryan and his team every success and best wishes for Season 2 and beyond.”

Taylor said: “This It was a pleasure and an honor to be back on HBO and immersed in the world of House Targaryen, and I look forward to working with Ryan as House of Dragons enters season 2. Ryan, Miguel and George unfold a remarkable episode in a rich and fascinating world Returning to Westeros will be a daunting task, and I look forward to the challenge.”

HBO added: “Miguel Sapochnik in

No. 1 Excellent performance in one season Dragon House , Building on its iconic look and feel. The series simply couldn’t have come together without him. While we’d love to have Miguel continue in the same role, we’re delighted that he’s continuing to work together in this new creative capacity. Going forward, we have a decades-long relationship with Alan Taylor and we are delighted that he is joining Ryan and resting this talented team.”

This move follows Dragon Series Premiere – by Sapochnik Director – Provided 08 Since 1 million viewers in the first week since launch and helped get Game of Thrones

Prequel Fast Season 2 Update. Then Sunday’s second episode took the rare move to gain more viewers rather than reject. Sapochnik also directed the first season for two hours (episodes 6 and 7).

Tyler built his reputation and won an Emmy for his work on HBO Miguel Sapochnik on the set of The Sopranos , and About Maniac and Roman . On the Throne , He’s helped shape the show’s directing style, directing the pivotal and stylish final two episodes of the show’s first season (which included The Death of Ned Stark and the Birth of Daenerys Dragon). Taylor eventually directed a total of seven “Thrones” episodes, including “The North Remembers,” “The Night Lands,” and “Beyond the Wall.” Producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss have described his style as “cinematic and precise”.

Taylor recently took the helm The Sopranos prequel movie, Many Saints of Newark , followed by AMC Interview with Vampire series.

Sapochnik started his career at in Trainspotting , he directed 17 Movie Repo and Fox episodes edge and house. But it’s on Thrones on The British director’s career skyrocketed after directing shows such as “Hardhome,” “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter.” After Thrones, he directed Tom Hanks Movie Finch , available on Apple TV+.

Sapochnik worked for months to help develop Dragon and his friend Kondar. But Sapochnik is very reluctant to officially join the show, a stance that may herald his current exit. “Miguel said, ‘I never do Throne again,” Kondar recalled .

“I’ve been through a lot of swings,” admits Sapochnik. “Ryan and I have a long-term relationship and we work well together , we really like each other – that’s half the battle. As we got deeper into the discussion, I realized I had to poop or get out of the car.

Sapochnik finally decided to join when he was attending – most importantly – a Game Thrones Experience a concert in Los Angeles with writers and colleagues Power Veteran Brian Cogman. “There was

, People are crazy about it, I didn’t realize people were still passionate about it ,” Saophnchik said. “[My wife] turned to me and said, ‘We’re fucking idiots. How can we not do this? ‘”

dragon The team is currently focusing on completing the VFX shots for the first season and writing the script for the second season, but no shooting date has been announced. With the airing of the first season months of filming and another nine Months of VFX work, the series is most likely to return 1996.

Taylor replaced by UTA and Circle of Confusion.

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