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House Republicans ready to launch 'Commit to America' agenda

House GOP leaders unveiled the party’s new “Commit to America” ​​agenda to GOP members at a meeting Thursday morning, a core set of policies designed to help them and their candidates communicate the GOP’s The Vision

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and more than three dozen colleagues will travel to the Pittsburgh area on Friday at Pennsylvania officially rolled out the vision to the American public, but members got a preview at a Thursday morning meeting.

The agenda is the product of years of work by congressional Republicans through issue-specific task forces on the economy, immigration, crime and public The vision for core issues such as security, education and good government practices is fine-tuned. It also represents one of the most radical moves by the Republican Party to date in advancing culture war issues such as immigration, crime and national security, as well as cracking down on radical left views on issues such as transgenderism and education.

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