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How 3 Sailor Moon's Dreams of Being Voiced in Anime Come True

Among the many women who grew up loving each other, 3 dream come true: starring alongside Kotono Mitsuishi

(Usagi Moon, Sailor Moon) will be starring in Sailor Starlight. sailor1 sailor1sailor1 via press kit Bagsailor2

AnimeJapan always surprises fans and guests . For those who grew up with them, they must pass Marina Inoue (Kou Seiya), Saori Hayami

(Kou Taiki) and Ayane Sakura

(Kou Yaten) talk about the dream state they are in after portraying sailors in their upcoming movie starlight. It’s as if we see five year old girls popping out of them. sailor1 sailor1sailor4 Via press kit

Inoue passed through memories of how she would play. Hayami agreed with her, adding that she also has some toys. However, Sakura mentions that she is not a child, but her sisters are. So, through osmosis and watching the series as an adult, she begins to understand why people connect with it. As the idol of the three women, Sanshi listened fascinated. sailor1 sailor1sailor4

Via press kit

Three women’s beautiful childhood memories happened Huge Changes is painful as they talk about their experience auditioning for the revival series. Inoue spoke about how she went to three different auditions but unfortunately wasn’t selected. She even thought she’d accept the fate of never getting in before she was asked to audition for an upcoming film. After being chosen for the role of Seiya, she is ecstatic that her dream has come true—almost in disbelief.


Via press kit

Hayami and Sakura have similar experiences , but the memory of Hayami talking about accepting the corner of the big tree will be something she will never forget. No doubt anyone would feel the same way, and it’s an understandable sentiment. Sakura added that she’s glad her life and the sailor5 franchise

met in the way they are now.


via press kit

AnimeJapan The stage event in front of the childhood hero awakens the heart of the male reporter’s five-year-old girl. While being jealous of Inoue, Hayami and Sakura, I can’t help being happy for them. And now, they will forever be enshrined in the Pantheon.

Source: AnimeJapan 2023 Stage Events

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