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How a PR Founder and New Mom Can Embrace Nature and Keep Ritual

Before becoming a mother, how did you see yourself as a woman and how do you see yourself now?

Before becoming a mother, I was a high performing but highly stressed overthinker. Setting boundaries is not my strong suit. Now as a mom, I am more present and more attuned to my current circumstances. how do i feel What needs to be done now? I let things come to me. When something feels important, I don’t hesitate to go after it, but there is a stronger filter for things that deserve my attention.

How has motherhood changed you Ever considered your personal style?

I’ve fully embraced wanting to look and feel gorgeous – I don’t need sarcasm. I want to feel beautiful, strong and comfortable. During the pandemic, I lost my dyed blond hair and am now sporting a God-sent, somewhat unremarkable brown. It’s my natural color, and it frankly suits me, opening a Pandora’s box of self-acceptance. Creativity and/or working methods?

yes! I became a truth bomb! do you want the truth Do you want to listen to it now? Come talk to me! Having kids has allowed me to do things for myself that I couldn’t muster up the courage to do before. You realize that time is precious and you just want to spend your time with inspiring, innovative and passionate people and projects. It’s fundamental to make work fun, because if it isn’t, you’re going to take the frustration home and it won’t go away. not good. My son and I established rituals that take precedence over everything else, like bath time. That was our special moment. Motherhood has opened doors for me in an unwavering commitment to living life with passion.

Photo: Provided by Sophie Conti



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