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How a public health program is making police, prisons obsolete

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what is the police and prison Alternatives to be Safe and Prevent Violence in the U.S.? Following the murder of Tire Nichols and the ongoing debate surrounding America’s public safety system, Dr. Eric Reinhart of Northwestern Medicine outlines such a plan. Reinhart’s February 8 special report New England Journal of Medicine
(NEJM) Create a new Federal Department of Community Safety and Repairs to lead the National Disaster Plan. The program will provide priority for formerly incarcerated individuals by employing 2 million community health and justice workers employment) as part of enabling a national health and justice team. “The dire state of public health and security in the United States is fundamentally intertwined, neither of which can be compared with the destruction of Sexual consequences separate mass incarceration,” said Reinhart, a resident and scientist in the areas of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “We need to stop treating health and safety as a separate policy area. To establish public health or America, we must build both – and to do this we need a new way of supporting communities from within. “Investing in this human infrastructure is critical to progressively replacing counterproductive reliance on police and prisons, while also improving community safety and establishing effective systems for community-based care for people with disabilities and severe mental illness, And repair the long-term health and economic damage that mass incarceration has done to many of the more than 77 million people in the United States with criminal records. “ This 2,800-word special NEJM report is titled “Restoring Justice—Public Health Policy to End Mass Incarceration. ” In report, Reinhart outlines mass incarceration — both pre-COVID-19 Or period – for its widely overlooked role in undermining US public health and healthcare, he said the two countries now rank worst among their peers. “Evidence also shows how poor public health and health care systems can in turn fuel crime, violence, arrests and incarceration,” Reinhart said. Reinhardt redefines the prison abolition movement as not just dismantling oppressive institutions, but also a necessity to build communities Reconstruction Project – Care-Based Infrastructure Enough to Make Police and Prisons Obsolete. Reinhart has been working with Illinois Administration officials collaborate to secure funding for pilot project to implement what he sees as community health and justice worker model at NEJM
described in the article. “Community based health worker programs are Given the proven success of health care spending, we’re working with Illinois communities to demonstrate that these underutilized programs benefit communities beyond health,” Reinhart said. It is also critical to establish shared security, not just for the privileged few. The hope, he said, is to use Illinois as a proof-of-concept site, leading to wider adoption of this technology. Paradigm is nationwide. Further information:
Eric Reinhart et al., Restoring Justice – Public Health Policy to End Mass Incarceration, New England Journal of Medicine
(2023) ). DOI: 10.1056/NEJMms2208239

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