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How accurate is the “Met Ball” episode of “Just Like It…”?

Expecting a show like Sex and the City

or its Max reboot is usually wrong That’s it...- A documentary glimpse into the world it represents (remember Carrie said she made $4 for a word she wrote for Vogue in the original book series? Haha!). That said, even as a Vogue employee, I was fascinated by the presentation of the rebooted “Met Ball” (aka Met Gala) and found myself desperately wanting Knowing if there is really anything Carrie & Co. says is true.

Despite four years at the magazine, I have never actually attended the Met Gala in person, so please help decode the success of the annual party I ask to Sache Taylor, Special Events Manager at Vogue, had four big questions. Read below for her wild and brilliant explanation of the Met Gala: Is it really possible to change your Met Gala attendance or date for the last minute, as We see Sima and Charlotte do that?

This is not possible as all guest names need to be submitted in advance for approval.

How likely is it that someone will change outfits a few days before/on the day of the Met Gala instead of locking down the look earlier? (For context, in the final moments of the episode, we see Carrie ditch her pre-chosen look and re-don her old wedding dress for the Met.)

It’s likely that guests will have their first fittings for the Met Gala the weekend before – some the night before or even the morning. I’d say most guests have probably locked down their look ahead of time, but guests change their minds and usually have backups. Can guests just show up and walk to the Met like Lisa Todd Wexley decided to do? Or do you have to drive there?

No, you cannot walk to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For security reasons, this is a hard and fast rule. Did non-celebrities like Charlotte’s husband Harry Gordonblatt really have no chance of meeting Rihanna? , i.e. have to enter the museum differently?

All guests use one entrance and one exit at the Gala – there is no VIP area at the Met Gala. Harry could easily meet Rihanna.



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