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How Andie MacDowell Got Her Gray Hair So Shiny

Andie MacDowell has done a lot for the popularity of gray hair. In the era of four weddings and a funeral

and beyond, thick dark curly hair was her trademark, but she decided to end the lockdown thinking enough (hair dye) was enough, And started letting her natural silver hair grow out of it. “I feel like the age on my face, for me, in my own eyes, no longer matches [my hair color],” she told Vogue at the time. “Somehow I feel like I look younger because it looks more natural. It’s not like I’m trying to hide anything. I think it’s a powerful move…”

MacDowell has since donned her silver hair with palpable joy, and she looks better than ever. She influenced so many other women to confidently turn to their natural color, which made gray — a color once avoided — an utterly desirable hair color. In celebration of her new TV series The Way Home

, MacDowell’s silver curls went all out again this week—and we’re taking notes.

Paris Fashion Week in October,

. Photo: Getty Images20222022



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