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How Baz Luhrmann Helped Met Gala Beauty Looks With Dreams of an Opera

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his evenings of ballroom dancing with friends, as his muse Amanda Harlech recently shared in The Run-Through with Vogue like that. Indeed, last night’s surprise performance by Lizzo kept the designer’s sensibilities in mind: The show opened with a startling homage to Lagerfeld’s love of waltzing, and arrived in an orchestra of beautifully orchestrated looks. “Inspired by The Magic Flute

, Lizzo was queen of the night, in honor of Karl’s love of opera,” said Vogue

Vogue contributing editor Max Ortega conceived the moment, referencing an idea director Baz Luhrmann conceived “months in advance”.

Photo: Caroline Tompkins

First, set the tone. “The members of the orchestra are the first people guests see when they arrive,” explains Ortega, who conjure instant drama with their artful masked gaze and black hats “inspired by Karl.” “Too Faced’s products are perfect for a 2-in-1 look with a smoky eye under a silver ‘eye mask,'” he says, referring to the effect created by makeup artist Raisa Flowers, who also collaborated with Ortega at last year’s Met Gala. “It’s mysterious and magical,” she says of the flowers she hand-painted on trompe l’oeil masks. Her must-have tools are a black Too Faced Killer Liner smudged around the edges, a radiant complexion enhanced with Born This Way Healthy Glow Skin Tint Foundation and a low-key Cocoa Bold Lipstick. “I wanted to do something more classic, but with a twist,” Flowers said. “Avant-garde, but elegant.”



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