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How D4vd staged two concerts in one day during milan fashion week

On Friday, American singer-songwriter D4vd – who rose to fame on TikTok last year with his hit “Romance Kill” – was in Milan for Valentino’s spring event men’s collection, he acted as guest performer. “It’s my first time in Milan, so it happens to be Fashion Week, which is really special,” he told Vogue. “It’s really interesting to see the art, fashion and creativity in this city. I love creativity – and I love the food . I’m trying to get as many Eating spaghetti.”

Getting on stage during the presentation was perfect timing for the star, who just released his new EP, Thorn Petals; So he has a lot of new music to share with a fashion-forward audience. “It was definitely the highlight of my year,” said D4vd. “Working with Pierpaolo [Piccioli] was very inspiring, it’s great that he connects with my music.” Of course, the singer brought a strong statement to the show: he donned a black button-down shirt from the Italian label and The trousers and top are embellished with a chic white rose. “The rose at the top is very famous to me, [because] my EP is called Petals to Thorns

, which is my story about the life of a rose,” he said. “When Pierpaolo showed me the suit, I was thrilled and knew it was the one. It’s also very comfortable.”

Though performing at a fashion show was a moment in itself – it was his first fashion week ever! —D4vd didn’t end the excitement there. He also hosted his own show at the city’s Circolo Magnolia venue later that night. “The crowd was absolutely unbelievable — they knew every song,” he said. “I was really amazed by the love Milan showed for them, and I showed it right away.” He once again chose Valentino for his stage attire, this time in a sleek black suit with bright red buttons tie.

This summer, D4vd will continue his touring career. “It’s been amazing,” he said of the tour. “After these gigs, I was able to meet so many of my supporters at the merch tables. It was inspiring to hear how they found their music and what they liked about it. Every day was a blessing.” He was particularly looking forward to June performance in his hometown of Houston. “It’s going to be a crazy night for sure,” he said. “I played the upstairs room at White Oak in February, and to be able to play the downstairs room just four months later is unbelievable. I am honored and can’t wait.”

Here’s the scoop on D4vd’s first Milan Fashion Week experience.




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