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How designer Sandy Liang celebrates the New Year

Saturday dinner was very intentional and delicious. “It’s the same food every year, and there are a certain number of dishes,” Liang says of her family dinners. “A certain number of dishes must be vegetables, meat or fish.” Stewed mushrooms and veggies are on the menu, along with a whole fish. “In Chinese culture, it’s very important to see the whole animal from start to finish,” Liang said. Meanwhile, for dessert, they indulge in glutinous rice balls. “They’re like these little mochi rice balls,” Liang said. Evening dress code? It’s not too strict – just wearing good luck red somewhere in the ensemble. “It had to be new — a new red sweater, underwear or socks,” Liang said. “It’s always lovely to buy my dad a red sweater for Christmas so he’ll have something to wear for Chinese New Year.”

Wrapping up her holiday weekend, Liang then Wake up on a Sunday morning to receive a red envelope from your family – a harbinger of good wishes and good luck for the coming year. Liang joked: “You have to pay the package when you get married, and you can’t receive it when you get married—so I want to extend the marriage.” Her family also adheres to some superstitions. “You can’t wash your hair [on New Year’s Day] because you will wash away your luck,” Liang said. “You also can’t buy shoes, get a haircut or do laundry.”

Photo: Courtesy of @stolenbesos



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