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How did Roman Roy end up wearing this $14 boys' shirt in the “Success” finale?

After four seasons of Brioni suits, Richard Mille watches, and Loro Piana baseball caps, the best fashion moment from the Succession series finale is $13 Walmart Boys Shirts. Roman Roy, who suffered a wound above his eyebrow at his father’s funeral and symbolically suffered from stage fright, took refuge at his mother’s home in the Caribbean. Gone is his tight suit and tie, replaced by a pale blue shirt with stripes on the sleeves. He looks like a kid and acts like a kid, why doesn’t he wear a kid’s shirt?

Succession The last few episodes highlighted how stunted Roman was under all his rants. He didn’t mind calling an election prematurely for the neo-Nazis, but he crumbled at the sight of his father’s coffin. He whimpered to his siblings asking if Logan was really in the coffin, and if so, “Can we get him out?” As Kendall later affectionately told him, he was “fucked.” In his humiliation, Roman actively sought physical pain after the funeral when he walked into a protest and was knocked to the ground. poor guy.

His shirt is visually pleasing and makes showman Romain look downright pathetic. The #1 source for Roy’s wardrobe credits is the Instagram account @successionfashion, which identifies this as the Walmart Wonder Nation Boys’ Colorblock Tee, which retails for $13. . Ever arrived on an island and found something you tossed in your shopping cart without any clothes on? Is it something he left at his mother’s house twenty years ago? Or what Kendall’s son Iverson left at the villa, if he was ever invited there? We’ll never know, but it’s the perfect way to dress up the boys who will eventually undoubtedly get lost.

Succession Never a show about clothes, but decisions like this are fun for fashion people( See: “The Ridiculously Big Bag” from the season four premiere). A final gift from costume designer Michelle Matland was a real treat: a well-placed choice that was more about money and status than design.




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