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How Doja Cat drew her face and head for Vogue World last night

About a month ago, Grammy-winning rapper Doja Cat unveiled her latest hairstyle: a shaved head. The new look has sparked quite a few sexist attacks, prompting the singer to tell her critics that she doesn’t care (in more colorful language) about their opinions. But the “Woman” singer didn’t let naysayers dampen her shine. She deftly used the New York Fashion Week event as a platform to showcase a sophisticated new aesthetic with her new hairdo as the focal point. It looks, similar to the playful, DIY style of fashion school students. At last night’s street fair and fashion show Vogue World, the musician wore edgy makeup, covering her head and face with a white geometric pattern. The look is bold and decisive, against outdated ideas of what a pop star should look like. If you get it, you get it.

“It influenced my style in a fun way,” Doja said of her new ‘do. She said her makeup was more of an “industrial vibe and I was really able to expand my love of makeup.”

This new “ambience” is partly thanks to Doja’s stylist Brett Alan Nelson. At Marni’s spring 2023 show, where she sat next to Madonna, Doja donned a slinky, acid-washed Marni dress with an obscene graphic tee underneath. Later that evening, Doha jumped to heaven at the Marc Jacobs party in Bushwick, changing into fishnets and wearing high-waisted shorts with painted eyebrows. “I would love to see graphic brow art take off,” says Doja Cat. Another of her standout looks this week was an extreme strength suit with prominent shoulders.

How about that t-shirt she wore on the Marni fall 2022 show that said “I’d rather eat ass”?

“This shirt sounds good. I don’t wear things that express things I don’t believe in,” she said. “Everyone loves iconic t-shirts, thank god for designer Edna St Louis. She made some cute little kettlebell earrings that I love and I’ll definitely be buying five more of these t-shirts.”

Below, see how Doja Cat got ready for Vogue World’s extravaganza and gala at the Boom Boom Room last night.



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