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How each team's prospects fare in future games

How are the teams 15; Prospects in futures game

The next generation of baseball talents face off Saturday at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

Although the festivities were hosted by American League Cities , but in the end it was the National League that won. With Nasim Nuñez’s winning shot and key pitching performances from Mick Abel and Jacob Misiorowski, the Nations League clubs are on SiriusXM The Stars beat the American League 5-0 in the Future Game.

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Here is how each team representative performed:


Orioles — Jackson Holliday, SS (No. 1/MLB No. 1):

Baseball’s top rising star replaces Boston’s Marcelo Mayer at shortstop in the second inning, hitting his only hit in two innings Strikeouts, 1 for 0.

Heston Kjerstad, OF (No. 4/MLB No.)19):

Kelstad starts from right field and hits 3rd for AFC The ball ended the day with a 1-for-2 score and singled out Carson Whitsonhunter of the Giants in the third inning.

Blue Jays — Sem Robberse, RHP (No. 7): Robles gave up consecutive singles in the opening sixth before striking out BJ Murray Jr. The American League wanted every pitcher to have a chance to play, so they drafted him as a rookie for the Blue Jays after nine pitches.

Yosver Zulueta, RHP (3rd):

Zuluetta no when he hits the batter and gives up a clean double When stealing a base, the bleeding cannot be stopped. But he got away with a streak of strikeouts.

Yankees — Spencer Jones, OF (3rd):

The Vanderbilt product entered center field in the fourth inning and played the rest of the game there. Jones struck out on his first at-bat in the first inning but had a five-pitch walk in the seventh and final inning.

Clayton Beeter, RHP (No. ): this 18 year-old was successful in two thirds of the inning. Beginning in the seventh inning, Bites baited Padres top rising star Jackson Merrill into a grounder and then smacked a 76. 7 mph slider.

Rays – Junior Caminero, 3B (No. 1/MLB No. ):

Caminero at Started the game at third base and had a at-bat. He struck out on four pitches.

Red Sox — Marcelo Mayer (No. 1/MLB No. 4):

Mayer was more than one in Seattle. As the American League’s starting shortstop, he hit a single 98. 3 mph exit speed in his one plate appearance. He looked cool when he rocked some custom Fenway Park sneakers during games.

Nick York, 2B (No. 3/MLB) 64):

Yorke played the entire game at second base and was great on both sides of the ball. he is94.6 mph, coming off the bottom of the left field fence and flipping the ball into first position with a glove, made a nice play on the pitch.

Luis Guerrero, RHP:

Guerrero only faced one batsman but threw absolute gas – he hit the top 87 mph and strikes out Jan Quayle on five balls · Fernandez.

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Guardian — Joey Cantillo, LHP (No. ):

Cantillo had the longest pitching minutes of the night for both teams. He pitched 1 2/3 innings without a hit or a run. Cantillo strikes out Pete Crow Armstrong and Jordan Laural (MLB 9th and 6th respectively overall prospect) while walking a batter.

Tigers — Colt Keith, 3B(No. 1/MLB No. 28):

Keith was a backup hitter in the bottom half of the 4th inning participated in the competition. In his first home plate appearance, he hit a single at center and then walked for five pitches in the bottom half of the sixth.

Justyn-Henry Malloy, DH (No. 7): Malloy started working for AL at DH. He walked five balls in his first appearance in the bottom of the second set – using the ABS challenge system to his advantage – but he wobbled inside five balls on his second up in the fourth. . He walked five pitches again in the bottom of the sixth inning, his last hit of the day.

White Sox — Jonathan Cannon, RHP (No. ):

this Team’s Joey Cantillo, for the fourth-place frame. He struck out the Reds’ Noelve Malte on three pitches to start his game, then went for a five-pitch walk. He induced a fly and a grounder to finish a scoreless inning.

Twins — David Festa, RHP (No. 8):

Festa entered the game in the top half of the fifth inning and had some trouble after the first batter he faced retired. He allowed Victor Scott II to hit a straight-hit base hit, who stole a second and third base on the ensuing at-bats. However, Festa did induce a pop-out and then struck out Jackson Chourio to end the inning unscathed.

Royals — Will Klein, RHP (No. 10):

Klein takes the mound in AL Second inning. After walking the batter, he caused a forced out. A walk and a steal sent the runners into the corner with just one out before Jefferson Quero hit an RBI single to open the scoring. The blow knocked Crane out of the game and made him responsible for the loss.


ASTROS — Drew Gilbert, OF(No. 1/MLB No. ):

Gilbert replaced right fielder Heston Sheth in the top half of the 4th Tad. He went 1 for 2 with a strike out first and a hit in his second.

Athletics — Tyler Soderstrom, 1B/C (No. 1/MLB No. 24):

AL’s starting first baseman scored 1 – for 2 with a single. He went on to strike out Jacob Misiorowski before walking on the final play of the game. MORE>>

Lawrence Butler, 1B/OF (No. 7):

The left-handed hitter had one strikeout and two grounds in 0 starts.

Angel — Edgar Quero, C (No. 2/MLB No. 35)

: Quero went 0-for-3 with catch after coming off the bench, but did smash the ball for the seventh-hit of the night — forced out to Second place mph.

Karen Paris, SS/2B (No. 8): Parris took over shortstop in the 4th inning and struck out on two at-bats.

Mariners — Harry Ford, C (No. 1/MLB No. 20):

Ford got a round of applause from the home crowd when he came out as the starting catcher. He hit the full count on solo but was out with a swing.

Jonatan Clase, OF (No. )

: While Klass struck out in two home plate appearances, he was strong defensively in center field, where he pulled off a nice diving catch.

Rangers — Owen White, RHP (No. 2/American Pro Major League Baseball No. 2 29):

White Started the game for the American League and sat the National League hitters in order, fanning Jordan Lawler with a curveball in the process.

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