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How Erykah Badu and Her Daughter Puma Curry Are Going to Shine at the 2023 Met Gala

The ethereal appearance, which Curry described as “something from a different universe,” isn’t what you’d expect from a first-time Met attendee. Then again, expecting nothing from this family isn’t going to get you anywhere. “When it comes to my mom, you should never expect anything,” Curry continued. “She doesn’t even know what she has to do every day, what do you do?”

Photo: Denise Stephanie

Immediately afterwards, the petite Octave was wrapped in an orange printed robe, her hair tied back tightly , out from behind a set of double doors. The singer-songwriter smells of sweet strawberries, an oil she bought from Brooklyn-based Muslim perfumery Madina. Her eyes were flooded with red shadow, which she pulled over the bridge of her nose, and spread it further with glitter. Her lips match her eyes as they blend matte shades of pink and bronze. Her makeup artist, Michelle Dick, flew in from Texas to prep her moisturizer, primer and nude base. Still, she said, “Badu knew what she wanted.” The singer’s final personal touch was a freckle-like sprinkling of the center of her face, a recent signature.

Surprisingly, once on the red carpet, very few people saw Badu’s beautiful makeup hidden behind a full-face white fringed wig, matching her drapey Marni dress They complement each other perfectly—the whole look is reminiscent of Karl Lagerfeld, or more properly, Karl Lagerfeld’s signature hair. Later, Badu, who was in charge of the evening’s presenter, swapped her custom-made top hat for a tall metallic silver sombrero. If you look close enough, the lower bill of the hat reflects a second set of fiery eyes and a golden grille piercing her teeth. The latter, made in collaboration with the Royal Dental Laboratory of Atlanta, features a relief of old ebony and ivory silhouettes of black women from the Badu family, while the bottom row is decorated with raw freshwater pearls—another Lagerfeld resurrection Eggs. No matter which angle you look at, Octave seems teleported from another universe, really.

Octave World, details determine success or failure

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