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How Failure Freed R&B Soulful Rising Star Coco Jones

Yes! I know a lot of them, so it was really cool to have them come out on my behalf.

Who is your favorite Brit?

We went to a Raye concert when I was there and she was so OK! There’s another artist, Ray BLK, who I really like, and Jorja Smith. I listen to a lot of Bella, so when she comes to dinner, I say, “Girl, oh my gosh, I’ve been listening to your music!”

What was your experience as a child actor like?

I don’t like the fame part. I remember feeling really uncomfortable in places where I used to feel normal because people would stare at me and I couldn’t understand why. I would have dinner with my family and the kids would come over and ask for pictures. I was like, “What are you guys talking about? We’re all at the same Applebee’s!”

I didn’t draw. I just want to do what I love, hang out with my friends, and be normal. But, as I got older, I realized that was only part of it. People see you on TV screens and you’re not normal anymore. I had to accept that this is what my passion entails. I still don’t like it to this day, but it’s just part of the job.

What part of being famous do you dislike today?

I don’t like when people separate someone on TV from a normal person. That’s why people are crazy! Because they do a lot of things in the spotlight, and then people forget they are a person, and then they forget they are a person because there is no one around them People treat them like they are treated.

How do you keep your feet on the ground?

Since I had highs as a kid, the lows really humbled me. I thought it would never go lower again, so when it came up, I thought, oh wow, all of this can go away – let me make sure it has absolutely nothing to do with who I am. It’s too dangerous to put all my heart in there, you know? So the other thing that keeps my feet on the ground is realizing that this is all temporary. I personally know.



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