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How Freida Pinto Spends a Day in Mumbai Before the Dior Show

Back at her base, it was time for Pinto to change into her Dior show evening wear. The star reflected her love of color in a short-sleeved purple floor-length dress. “Purple is so dreamy,” said Pinto, who was struck by how the display paid homage to India’s unique beauty and craftsmanship. “It’s a great celebration of the city — it’s a milestone,” Pinto said. “Maria Grazia Chiuri chose such a place to show it to the world.”

While she ends her busy day In Mumbai, where there is a glitzy fashion show, Pinto’s advice to first-time tourists is decidedly simpler. “You should absolutely eat — eat a lot of food,” Pinto said. “There’s a lot of great food here; I highly recommend street food if you can.” She also suggests that the best way to appreciate Mumbai is by sightseeing without any strict plans or agendas. “I want people to know the pulse of the city through the architecture, but also through its people,” Pinto said. “There’s something very poetic about the chaos here; it’s hard to explain to someone unless you’re immersed in the city and experiencing it yourself.”

Below, take a closer look at Pinto’s full time in Mumbai.



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