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How Gene Smith beat Russell Wilson as his replacement in his first game

For years, the Seattle Seahawks and their offense have relied on creativity, escapism and elusiveness at the quarterback position. That fact hasn’t changed as the Seahawks’ 2022 season begins.

The only change is that those moments are from Jayno Smith.

In the most shocking result of the wild first week of the NFL season, Smith and Seahawks beat Wilson and Denver Broncos 17-16, with Denver picking a 64-yard field A goal attempt at the end of the game. Brandon McManus’ untimely kick has Seattle fans jubilant.

A missed shot, coupled with a decision by first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett, to Miss, was a point of discussion after the game. But the closing moments of the game shouldn’t overshadow what we saw from Smith’s game against Denver, especially in the first half of the game. Smith completed 23 of 28 passes on the night for 195 yards and two touchdowns, and he didn’t intercept in the win. It was his pocket management, creativity and elusiveness, especially in the first half, that paved the way for victory.

Those traits came early in the win, having the game for the first time in Seattle. In their first drive of the season, the Seahawks faced a 3rd and 3rd in their own territory. With pockets collapsing around him, Smith stands tall and shoots Tyler Lockett to move the chains:

This is a good one for the quarterback to keep his eyes up Examples of pockets starting to burst and pressure posing a threat. Even as Randy Gregory approached, Smith kept his eyes on the middle school and found the locket in the middle to move the chain.

That game ended with this elusive brilliance from Smith as he escaped from multipoint pressure and made his first run of the 2022 season for Seattle. Fired from the lineup:

Smith was forced into survival mode Early down the line, linebacker Alex Singleton swooped inside and Caught the quarterback. But Smith ran away, staring straight ahead as he swung his bag toward the line of scrimmage, giving him an eye-opener to see tight end Will Disley. With a flick of Smith’s wrist, the Seahawks took the lead.

Smith’s ability to shake off the pressure while keeping an eye-trained frontcourt came late in the first half against the Marquise Goodwin on the left touchline The 16-yard gain:

Once again, the Broncos appear to have Smith in the pocket. Passer Dre’Mont Jones slid past left back with the quarterback in sight. Smith, as he did in the previous example, broke free from defenders and attacked the line of scrimmage, still keeping his eyes on the frontcourt. He managed to spot Goodwin on the touchline and moved the chain with a perfect throw.

That game helped expand the drive, culminating in Smith’s second touchdown pass of the night. Ilby Parkinson hits tight end in the right seam:

Things changed a bit in the second half because when the Broncos were in the pocket They were able to use it more often when he put pressure on Smith. Bradley Chubb had two sacks in the fourth quarter, including one that took the ball away from Smith earlier in the quarter, with only a quick recovery from rookie left tackle Charles Cross. Just stopped the blunder:

By then, however, the Broncos were in chase mode, ready for the final act of the game. While the game-ending sequence will likely make headlines in the hours and days to come, what we’ve seen from Smith, especially in the first half, shouldn’t be ignored. After the game, Smith was asked about his performance, and his career, and gave his line of the night:

When he was hit by Playing last season with Wilson’s injury under pressure, Smith has shown the ability to play in the pocket and create with his legs when necessary. It was that quality that led some to believe that the job would be the one he won and kept in Seattle.

won the first week.



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