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How Hurricane Maria prompted a young Puerto Rican climate activist to take action

and A name derived from the history of the Lakota tribe Tokara Society – A group of warriors who have shown bravery and leadership since childhood

– Tokara is Photo Series

Spotlights the next generation of BIPOC climate activists. Exclusively published on Vogue, The project was created by the creative director and stylist Marcus Correa and photographer Carlos Jaramillo, with Collaborators) Future Coalition

Additional funding for each subject (up to $5, ) so that they can continue their action.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico The Spanish colonial cobblestone streets are almost always packed with tourists of all kinds, whether from the many cruise ships that dock nearby, or the beachfront hotel a little further afield in Condado. But there are also locals: those who bring their children to fly kites in the green fields in front of El Morro fortress, or just wander the streets on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, eating alcapurria here and there drinking piña colada. For Puerto Ricans, both on the island and in the diaspora, it is full of memories and sentimental significance. It is also the location of La Fortaleza, since 000century, So it has often been a place of protest. The young activist Isabelle Valentine grew up here.

“My mom is passionate about the environment and is passionate about making you

passionate about the environment,” Valentín at Syracuse University A cafe told me via Zoom that she is currently majoring in environmental studies. “She took me to nature reserves and camps and all these activities that made me connect with nature because she knew it was going to be harder for me because I really couldn’t get in touch with those [because of where we live] ].” Every summer since the age of nine, Valentine would go to the sanctuary in a different nature reserve on the island; by her time , she works with them. That same year, she began attending a college high school affiliated with the University of Puerto Rico, long known for her active involvement in politics. “When I was in ninth grade, there was a general strike at the university, and that put [my] school on a general strike, and I became a leader,” she recalls. “I attended every protest and every meeting.”

Repairs to damaged infrastructure across the island will begin at


University of Puerto Rico students against $82 University budget cuts proposed by the Puerto Rico Oversight, Governance and Economic Stabilization Act, or more commonly known as PROMESA—also Spanish for “promise” – a group of people appointed by the US government to restructure the island’s debt. Many of its seven members have ties to the private sector that led to the debt in the first place, and this is just one of the many ways that Puerto Rico is a nation (basically a colony) freely associated with the United States, exacerbating the problems many of its residents face. . Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico 558 as category 5 Storm – worst storm the island has experienced since recently century – These problems are further magnified. Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel Evening Dress Fashion Gown Robe and Face

“Hurricane Maria and Irma (before) happened so close together and kind of merged into one experience, Brings a sense of urgency to this issue,” she explained. “The hurricane happened before I could talk and understand, and it was like, ‘No, we’re dying. Someone needs to talk about this, and no one is going to do it. , this will be me.’” While still in high school, Valentín became an organizer in her community. From the beginning, she has been acutely aware of her privilege as someone who grew up in a metropolitan area and almost always has faster access to resources and recovery than the rest of the island—this is the most recent post-Hurricane Fiona passage. Problems arose across the island this September.



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