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How I fell in love with Nordstrom, courtesy of stylist Becky Akinyode

Becky Akinyode is an unofficial Nordstrom ambassador. Everyone in the New York fashion sector knows that department stores, a relatively new institution in New York, opened in 970, like the back of her hand. Today, the stylist – whose clients include Collina Strada and Nguyen – took me to explore their offerings at the retail center in Columbus Circle, specifically the third floor called New & Emerging Brands, which has some of our favorite local designs teachers and small designers. I’m sure she’ll point me in the right direction: Akinyode, recently voted by Vogue Best Dressed , know Nordstrom very well. She often comes here to shoot, herself, friends and family. This time, she plans to show me the third floor, while she scans pieces for the coming year, as well as some holiday-friendly pieces.

When I finally meet up with Akinyode at Nordstrom, I’m hanging out on the third floor, surrounded by shoppers browsing in black puffer jackets and tourists in nice little hats . They all look like the brands stocked here, Collina Strada and Vaquera, far from their conservative lives. But then Akinyode came along, and her look threw my world off-axis: she was wearing a big shiny blue Dries van Noten puffer jacket, a shining fashion beacon that reminded me of sparkly Christmas decorations . She is the fashionable banshee on the third floor.

Akinyode’s whole experience has come full circle: Nordstrom was where her foray into fashion began. The stylist grew up in Maryland, most recently in Washington, DC. Though Akinyode isn’t just a kid shopper who goes to a department store with her wealthy mother – she’s in . She took a bite when a logo for the Nordstrom Fashion Board, a now-defunct program for teens learning about fashion, caught her eye. “Basically, the purpose of the Fashion Council is to attract kids who are interested in fashion,” Akinyode said. “They [Nordstrom experts] would come on weekends and we would get to know different parts of the department store, like merchandising, buying, and the people who do the windows or the displays.”

As we browse Akinyode told me more about the role fashion played in her childhood when she designed clothes racks for the brand Collina Strada, noting that even from an early age, she loved the concept of creating characters and dressing for them. “I’m obsessed with magazines. I’ll cut them out and put all the pictures I like,” she says. “I like a lot of different things, so when I dress, I think of different people I want to be.” For Akinyode, these personalities can range from “very chic eccentric lady” to “wear all black and look Very sad”. When she’s menstruating, she’ll “wear some really bright clothes.” For Akinyode, dressing is like a cocoon that has become a colorful hit of dopamine. “I feel like wearing is my armor for going out, so it depends on how I feel,” she says.

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