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How Jennifer Aniston, 54, Embraces Her Gray Hair

Jennifer Aniston became famous for her hair as Rachel on the landmark sitcom Friends Rachel Green. Her “Rachel” cut sparked global obsession – and spawned a thousand imitators – and her blonde mane went on to be shared with major hair care brands A contract is signed. It was this enduring interest that led Aniston, like any good A-lister, to eventually launch her own label, Lolavie.

While showing off the newest product from the Lolavie line on Instagram over the weekend, Aniston 54 also revealed that she embraces gray hair the natural way. Aniston appears to have borrowed a script from Sarah Jessica Parker (this photo of the star with gray roots amidst her blond curls is at And Just Like That went viral before the premiere)), silver strands were visible at the roots, blending into the familiar beachy blonde shade in the most subtle and flattering way.

Of course, the gray hair movement has been making waves in Hollywood in recent years, with stars including Andie MacDowell making the silver thread look more glamorous than ever charming. Hair aside, Aniston looked as gorgeous as ever in the clip. Of course, she benefits from an exceptional skincare routine by facialists Melanie Simon and Joanna Czech. While Simon is known for his use of nanocurrent and picocurrent (Simon’s ZIIP nanocurrent facial tool is especially popular), Czech focuses more on cleansing and facial massage. Add in the 54 Skin, Jillian Dempsey 54 Carat Gold Plated BeautyWand, SPF, Continuous Moisture, and Good Sleep, and you’ll be Find out how the star maintains her enviable complexion well into her fifties.



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