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How Kacey Musgraves Prepared for the Loewe Show

Preparing for a fashion show can be a stressful process, culminating in sprinting to the venue in five-inch heels. Not so Kacey Musgraves. The pop star greeted Vogue

in bed and received a serene facial as she prepared for Loewe’s Autumn/Winter2023 fashion show in Paris massage. But don’t think she’s tired. When the massage was done, the pop star turned and jumped out of bed, even taking time to pause her glam performance for a leisurely petit-déjeneur.

Musgraves prepared for the show with an unbridled enthusiasm that the weary fashion veteran could draw inspiration from. “Leg moment in thirty-six degree weather” she smiled, showing off her bare skin peeking out of her black mini dress. “But hey, it’ll keep me sane,” she says, unfazed by the Parisian winter. Loewe by Jonathan Anderson will do that for you.

“Look at these shoes,” the singer continued, showing off Anderson’s signature calfskin slingbacks, where a rosette under the heel replaces the traditional Stilettos. “It’s fun. Seeing a little bit of whimsy that Loewe always has.”

Kacey Musgraves wearing during Paris Fashion Week In a mini dress, she looked as confident as she did when she performed on stage for thousands. But if you’re worried that this ultra-mini dress will deliver a Marilyn Monroe-esque moment, fret not. Watch the video and you’ll see Musgraves brazenly ready.




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