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How Kaia Gerber Became the Star of Alaïa's Spring 2023 Campaign

Of course, Mulier’s family looks different from Alaïa’s. For the new campaign, British photographer Tyrone Lebon shot Gerber on the rooftop of Los Angeles artist Sterling Ruby’s studio. “I don’t want blockbusters. You know, the fashion sets are very, very big these days. This is the people on set. It’s just hair and makeup, Tyrone, Assistant, stylist, Kaia and her boyfriend [Austin Butler], no one else. So it felt more like a ’90 shoot, remember Calvin sending Kate [Moss ] Going on vacation with Mario [Sorrenti]? It felt more like that—no orchestration, no merchandise.”

“The most important thing is that it’s in—how do you say it ?—shot in a family situation. There was no merchandising on set, no art director on set. I’m a big believer in the energy between the photographer and the model. I wasn’t there either,” he continued. “I tell them what I like, but I tell Tyronn what inspires me the most is the lighting, Sterling’s space and of course the beauty of Kaia, but I want his eyes, not mine eyes Everything is pre-chewed, pre-made these days. I really like the idea that it’s just them doing their thing and that’s it. Basically, I want more than just the natural way of the past.”

Speaking of fashion past and present, for spring 2023 inspiration Mulier went back to the beginning of “Azzedine, back to the first show, where everything It’s all draped, minimal and natural. It’s square: you cover the body in two points and that’s it,” he explained. “The first show that Azzedine [Spring 2023] did was genius to me.” Fall 2023, he will take Another Azzedine-ism. While it’s too early to share his plans, Mulier did have this to say: “With everything going on in the fashion world, people are traveling around the world to see the most amazing sets worth millions of dollars. , our plan is actually quite simple. It will feel very Alaïa.”

Gerber Worn in the studio in a white coat designed by Mulier and his design team.

Photo: Tyrone Lebon



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