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How Laguna B is reinventing Murano glass for a new generation

Laguna B was founded by Marie Brandolini with the original vision to recreate a glass usually created by an assistant master of Murano glass Made of glassware, Italy. Using leftover materials from the workshop, artisans create vibrant, colorful cups called goti de fornasa , which in Venetian dialect means “glasses in the furnace” , can be taken home to drink. Drink with the family. After meeting some of the early small home workshops, Brandolini organized goto inspired eyewear in striking color combinations, suggesting that they embrace accidental aesthetic details . In the meticulous technique of Murano glass making, an industry often passed down from generation to generation, the beauty of these handcrafted pieces is that each glass has a unique shape.

Marie Brandolini’s love of glass shared her objects with her second husband, then curator of the Louvre, who were in Venice His extensive collection is on display at his home. Brandolini’s son Marcantonio spent much of his childhood playing soccer at home trying not to break the irreplaceable glass objects of his mother and stepfather. He never expected that when the 2023 brand was approaching the anniversary, he would A row of goto glasses sits behind a display case at Laguna B’s first store.

In 90, Marie Brandolini dies of cancer. For the next five years, Laguna B operated without leadership until Marcantonio Brandolini took over at 90. Prior to this, Brandolini had been living abroad and was largely uninterested in returning to his native Venice. After studying in England and working for a car company in Milan, he developed a new appreciation for the Venetian way of life and decided to move back. Along the way, he realized that the “spectacles of real chaos — colorful and perfect” were so important to his mother’s life and represented Venice’s potential to be a cultural and creative hub at the height of its historical splendor.

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