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How long will it take to understand long-term COVID?

Adverse Outcomes —

Researchers have proposed multiple theories to explain symptoms in long-haul COVID-19 transporters.

Marla Broadfoot, Knowable Magazine

This dichotomy – where the only possible outcomes of COVID are full recovery or death – turns out not to be the case. Between 8 million and 23 million Americans remain sick months or years after being infected. A bewildering set of symptoms known as prolonged COVID has left about 1 million of these people unable to work due to disability, and those numbers are likely to increase as the virus continues to develop and spread. Some people who escaped prolonged COVID for the first time contracted it after a second or third infection. “After an acute COVID infection, this is a huge public health crisis,” said Linda Geng, a physician and co-director of Stanford Healthcare’s long-term COVID clinic.



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