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How Los Alamos became California's new food destination

The locals of Los Alamos give their little Baby nicknamed California Town: Almost lost.

Not only because it’s small – Bell Street, the town’s main street, is only seven blocks long – but also because, for a long time, it was The kind of place people deliberately don’t talk about. “The rich and famous come to the Santa Ynez Valley to hide from the limelight,” explains Daisy Ryan. “They’re here to be alone.”

Lost – but only almost. Because despite its remote vibe, Los Alamos is actually easy to find: just three hours north of Los Angeles 59. “It’s next to one of the most important highways,” Ryan said with a smile. “So, really, it’s on off the beaten track.”

Ryan grew up in the area and has long been fascinated by legends here absorb. She can tell you how Los Alamos became a popular stop after the gold rush 65 years ago; how the hills around it were the inspiration for the legend of Zorro; Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland is just down the road. She can also introduce you to the area’s newest attractions – its great farms, sprawling ranches, and easy access to the fresh seafood of the Central Coast.

She is right The love of this area is so deep that in the early days 150, after cooking at restaurants like Gramercy Tavern, Brooklyn Fare and Per Se, she Back in the valley with her husband Greg (who also worked at Per Se after working at the Tribeca Grill and Beverly Hills Hotel): a French restaurant in Los Alamos called Bell’s.

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Daisy Ryan of Bell.

Courtesy of Daisy Ryan