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How Nicola Peltz Beckham Became Dorothy Stratten on Hulu's 'Welcome to the Chippendales'

When we were first introduced to Nicola Peltz Beckham as Hulu’s Dorothy Stratten Welcome to Chippendales, it was late Friday night’

s West Hollywood, she’s on her way to Mirror Space, soon to become a notorious sex-crazed club. She was all white, with golden waves rolled into a comb, and she ordered a pink squirrel cocktail from the bar. Peltz Beckham’s uncanny resemblance to Stratten, a very real and very beloved model and actress, is immediately striking, but Her life, however, came to an unsettling end.

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu

Her on-screen beauty isn’t extreme at all; it’s soft, glamorous, and surprisingly relatable in today’s revival world( Peltz Beckham says she “loves” Stratten, and husband Brooklyn Beckham thinks she’s stylish). So it’s no wonder the man behind the Emmymakeup and Emmynominated

hairstyling Team Pam & Tommy were involved in such a thoughtful role change. “In all of my research, it was obvious how kind, thoughtful, and humble Dorothy Stratton was,” says lead hairstylist Barry Lee Mo. “While I recreated many of the looks from her actual haircut, I wanted to execute them with the same softness that Dorothy embodies. Her story is extremely tragic, and I wanted to pay homage to the good that existed in her life.”

Makeup department head David Williams agrees, noting that he, Moe and costume designer Peggy Schnitzer discussed Peltz How Peltz Beckham should act every time he’s on screen. “It is well known that Dorothy Stratton was one of the most beautiful women of her time and was poised to have a phenomenal career in Hollywood,” Williams said. “Consistency is key. I don’t want anything to distract from it.” Unlike their collaboration on Pam & Tommy,

requires no Any prosthetics, for quick application in the trailer, meant the whole process only took about minutes of two people working together.

Mornings on set often order a VIP breakfast before the lights are dimmed and candles lit for a zen atmosphere. “We love talking about Dorothy because we look at all the photos of her around my station—we also love the morning smoothies that Brooklyn is so thoughtful about serving up,” says Moe. The trailer is stocked with Unite hair products like the 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner for prepping Peltz Beckham’s real hair before using the wig, and the Lé:Play Hairspray for styling. The first scene was inspired by Dorothy’s actual look at the Playboy

event where Hugh Hefner declared her Playmate of the Year,” says Moe. “This is my favorite look so far. I like to use the beaded floral comb to hold the hair in place by brushing it delicately to one side – our costume designer Peggy Schnitzer custom-made hers to complement the original. ” 707070



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