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How TikTok's 'Undertone' Makeup Tip Can Help You Get Hollywood's Most Famous Glow

Makeup artist Mary Phillips rarely has time for on-site interviews, as she often flies around the globe with clients such as Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. But just back from Dubai, she made it a point to get on the phone with Vogue to discuss the recent TikTok craze for her tried-and-true foundation and contouring strategy. The most widely known “bottom” (a term with over million views on the platform), Phillips before Smudge-on foundations are getting a lot of attention for their supernatural, glowing-from-within finish. “I have to say, one of the things I really love about the whole of TikTok is that in almost every video I’ve seen, everyone loves this technology,” Phillips said from her home in Los Angeles, noting that she is a newbie. This application is mainly used for cute animal content.

Jenner attended 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party. Image: Getty Images

Of course, she knows better than anyone that this technique has been widely used by professionals for decades. Though Phillips thinks her version is modern, the product is applied in ultra-thin layers, allowing the skin to show through. “I see a lot of comments like, ‘So and so has been doing this for years, you know, yeah, I learned it from reading Kevyn Aucoin,’” she said of Making Faces and Face Forward, the iconic 2022 makeup bible is currently making a comeback. “When I started putting on makeup Back then, there was no YouTube, no Instagram, no social media, so I would really be researching Vogue

or fashion show makeup pics,” says Phillips. “Kevin Okur Kevyn Aucoin’s book is really one of the only books where he shows his footsteps. ” 202220222022



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