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How to Buy Art That Will Hang in Your Home Forever

Buying art can be one of the most difficult parts of decorating your home. It’s a permanent item that’s difficult to replace if your tastes change, and often an expensive one: original works often require a financial investment. Then, that’s assuming you have to have the prerequisite knowledge to choose the “right” piece, plus the potentially intimidating environment of a gallery or convention center art fair. All in all – it’s hard not

to be intimidated by the process. Kate Bryan, head of collections at Soho House, admits: “Sometimes you feel a little bit left out of art.

However, when done right, a framed vision Effects are probably the most valuable additions to your home, whether as a talking point piece or as a heirloom piece. With this in mind, Vogue asked for a creative member Brian, who selects and curates artwork at the club’s outposts around the world, how to pick pieces that will hang in your home forever. Read all her tips below.

Building relationships with artists

“When you’re just an independent person buying art on your own, it’s great to be with a Artists build relationships and make the artist someone you might have talked to or followed on Instagram. These are not products and merchandise of other items purchased by you. You’re buying someone’s soul – don’t sound silly, but you are. You are the custodian of something very special, so it’s nice to be in touch with the artist in any way. “

Don’t be afraid to ask all the obvious questions (including how much it is)

“Ask the guys in the booth how much it is. Ask what stage the artist is in in their career. Ask them anything – don’t feel embarrassed, that’s their job! Artists want their work to be talked about. Say: ‘Hey, I was just looking at this piece, can you tell me something about it? How old is the artist? where are they? Learn everything you can. “

Find out what the artist’s opinion is – and whether you agree with it

“I’m always looking for someone with a unique voice. The thing about art is that it shouldn’t really be a lot of work – artists make art because it’s the easiest way for them to make a point. (And is always an opinion.) You want to be able to say, ‘Well, I know where you’re coming from. ‘

Focus on one emotion first: Excitement

“When you’re in a space, you need to look at what really excites you — and skip over what confuses or frustrates you. If you do, you’ll be forever grateful for it.”


“If everyone says, ‘This is the hottest artist in town’, that’s fine, but it doesn’t necessarily resonate with you. You don’t want to buy something because it’s a product or a commodity. Instead, think: How does this make me feel? With this How would it feel to live in my house with this piece? How would I feel talking about it with my friends and family? What is it about this artist that I believe in? How does that piece relate to you? What’s going on?”



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