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How to deal with hunger, experts say

If you find yourself starting to get moody, don’t simply label your feelings as “bad,” Fazio said. Instead, ask yourself a little and become more specific. Understanding anxiety, nervousness or fatigue as “not good” can suggest you’re experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar, so you can (hopefully) eat before losing it, she said. Other emotional descriptions that might indicate a budding hanger might include “dizzy,” “irritable,” or “impatient.” With symptoms of hypoglycemia, maybe you’re not starving — maybe you’re just crazy. Anger is a valid emotion and a healthy emotion if managed properly. Constantly jotting down any hunger-related irritability or anxiety won’t do you any good in the long run – because you may be feeling down too, or your coworkers are really That’s annoying. It’s true that sometimes you need some mixed dried fruit and a glass of water, but sometimes you may need to take a walk outside or vent with a trusted friend.

Grab a snack that pairs carbs with protein.

The obvious solution to feeling hungry is to eat something as soon as possible, but think about what In the long run, you eat Foods that may help you feel better. According to Basbaum, the knee-jerk reaction to feeling “hungry” is often to eat fast food that is high in carbohydrates. Your body is looking for an energy boost, and foods with simple carbohydrates (think candy, pastries, and granola bars) fit the bill. They also tend to be things we have on hand at work or on the go.

If these foods sound good to you, or they’re all you have access to, there’s nothing wrong with eating them (though food culture elevates some foods to others above). That said, they may not be able to help you out of the situation. If you don’t pair carbs with protein sources, Bausbaum explains, you’re likely to crash again within an hour or so. The goal, she says, is not to elevate your blood sugar, but to stabilize it, and protein can help with that.

Fazio recommends pairing carbohydrates like fruit, toast, or crackers with high-protein foods like Greek yogurt, nuts, or nut butters. If you have access to a blender, a high-protein smoothie or shake is another option. If you’re on the road and don’t have many options for a rest stop, Bosbaum says prepackaged peanut butter cookies or chocolate milk are good options.

Again, no wrong food choices here. If Doritos is calling your name, there’s no shame in the nacho cheese game. However, if you plan to avoid hunger, consider pairing your chips with some protein-rich beef jerky (or add chicken nuggets to your chips, or add some nuts to your ice cream) to help stabilize your blood sugar.

Prevent hangers by regularly fueling your body.

Plan A should be to prevent hangers from happening in the first place, says Basbaum, and she and Fazio agree that eating nutrient-dense meals on a predictable schedule each day is the best way to keep blood sugar and energy stable one of the methods. If you’re often hungry, Fazio recommends that you “audit” each major meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to ensure the presence of protein, fat, and carbohydrates (including fiber) to help meet your overall nutritional needs and maintain Your blood sugar (and mood) is in a stable range.

Of course, you don’t need to follow these guidelines to reach a T – no meal or snack will make or break a “healthy” diet, and obsession with dietary rules will lead to a diet Dysregulation (which, by the way, can also make your mood worse). However, if you’re constantly hungry, it may be worth trying to make some small changes to your eating habits, since a consistent intake of a variety of foods (and enough food in general) can keep your blood sugar in a happy place, rather than a hungry place.


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