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How to do lunges the right way

“Leg day” is one of the most intimidating two-word phrases for some gym bros, sparking a nightmare of lower body crushing squats, leg presses and deadlifts. Not only are these exercises hard—they start to get boring when your body is stuck in one place and your feet are pinned to the floor. But leg day doesn’t have to be a drag. Add some movement and get a more balanced lower body workout with lunges.

Lunges allow you to train unilaterally, or focus on one limb (in this case, the leg) at a time. This type of training is essential because it more closely mimics the movements you use in your daily life, rather than using bilateral movements on both sides of your body at the same time. Depending on the variation of the lunge you choose, you can also add more movement to your workout. “With lunges, you get a little ballistic, you get a little movement, and when you’re doing movement, you can grab almost every part of your leg,” Men’s Health Ebenezer Samuel, Director of Fitness, CSCS

Whether you’re doing bodyweight training or holding heavy weights, lunges are better than taking a few steps forward or back. Be sure to pay attention to the subtleties shown in this guide by Samuel and MH Fitness Editor Brett Williams, NASM-CPT, and then put the move into practice for a more comprehensive Leg day.

Benefits of doing lunges

One of the main benefits of lunges is that it will Introduce some movement into your lower body training session. Whether you’re doing lunges or just walking forward and then back, you have to rely on balance and coordination to stay upright rather than keeping your feet on the floor.

Even better, the unilateral aspect of the lunge means you can get in on one leg at a time. This can help address any muscle imbalances, making your bilateral movements (like squats) better.

How to do a lunge

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