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How to Get Healthy Hair: 5 Steps from Amal Clooney and Harry Styles' Preferred Trichologist

Regardless of your hairstyle preference, every cut is best done with a solid foundation of healthy hair. From thickness to strength, the quality of our hair is integral to how our hair sits, but more importantly, it affects how we feel. How to create beautiful and voluminous hair now? “It’s all about a healthy scalp,” says Helen Reavey, trichologist and founder of Act + Acre, who has worked with Amal Clooney and Harry Styles. “Taking good care of your scalp is really important.”

Here, she shares some tips on how to grow the healthiest hair possible.

Watch out for water

Dry scalp can be caused by many different causes, from environmental factors to our diet. “When it’s cold, the scalp can get really dry,” she says. “But one of the most important things to be aware of – especially if you live in London – is the hardness of the water.” Those who live in areas with hard water should moisturize the scalp with a formula containing emollient ingredients to soothe and correct any dryness. Plus, Jolie’s filter shower reduces metals, chlorine, and other impurities in hard water. genius.

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Massage the scalp

“I think people underestimate the importance of scalp massage and the importance of getting blood flow,” says Reavey, “especially if you don’t wash your hair every day. “Increased blood flow means more nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles, and like pulling out a gua sha tool to shape and boost blood flow to the face, even a gentle daily scalp massage can help. Also, if you can get someone else Doing it for you, that’s a real treat too.

Does what’s right for the scalp

yours The scalp is just an extension of the skin on your face, but it ages six times faster. This means that as you age, you should prioritize taking care of it to maintain good hair health.” I do not recommend scalp scrubs – avoid Use them,” says Reavey. “They can cause micro-tears and further problems with the scalp. If you don’t want to use it on your face, don’t use it on your scalp. ” Look for chemical exfoliants, such as salicylic acid, to balance oil, remove dead skin, and keep your scalp calm, balanced. Do it gently.

How often should you wash your hair

It’s an age-old question: How often should we wash our hair? Reavey says there’s no one-size-fits-all answer; instead, it depends on your lifestyle.” Wash regularly,” she says. “If you have dandruff, then you need to wash your hair every day—and that’s because the fungus in dandruff, called Malassezia, feeds on lipids. “You naturally shed lipids through your sebum and hair follicles, and if you sweat (which most of us probably do at some point in the day) it creates a fertile breeding ground for it to grow, and if you don’t Do this and your dandruff will get worse Don’t wash your hair.

While many people use anti-dandruff shampoos, Levy warns that many shampoos contain ingredients ( Such as zinc pyrithione) removes both good and bad bacteria, so it’s best to proceed with caution. “The ultimate goal is to maintain homeostasis and make sure the barrier is protected,” she says.

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