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How to Get Rid of TikTok's 'Crying Girl' Makeup Trend

The sad girl enters. These days, emotional expression is more about celebrating than repressing—crying in social situations is almost as common as crying (quietly) on the subway—a shift that puts good crying on full display. rosy cheeks! Glistening eyes! Eyelashes set! Crying makeup is all the rage. It’s popping up on TikTok (another trend popularized by creator Zoe Kim Kenealy) and even on

HBO’s Euphoria screens, and for good reason: once the real Tears are wiped away, and the remaining effects converge into a look that veers into romantic territory.

“Crying makes our faces naturally flush!” says makeup artist Jen Tioseco, a go-to for Camila Mendes and others. “Pink lips, cheeks, and eyes give a youthful glow.” In addition to blush, makeup artist Tobi Henney recommends soft, shimmery pop eye makeup to better recreate post-cry eyes.

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in HBO’s Euphoria.Photo: Courtesy of HBO

To get the feel, turn up Lana Del Rey’s “Beautiful When We Cry” and apply a cream blush – Henney recommends Jamie Makeup The Pink Blighlighter in One, and Tioseco prefers Tarte’s Blush Blush in Blush—pat on cheeks and nose, and dab a little around eyes. For the last tear, use Stila Cosmetics Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Diamond Dust, and dab a touch of Saie Starglow on cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

Henney used Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Definer #2 to line lips, blur edges, and top with Mac Cosmetics Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Date-Maker. “Press and apply to lips with your fingers for that just-over-cry effect,” she says. Finally, finish with a generous swipe of Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Glass Slippers and curled lashes. If you need further inspiration, check yourself in after your next cry.



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