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How To Grill Our Love GN 1

How to Grill Our Love GN 1


How to Grill Our Love GN 1


197821 Usually, with a series based on providing relaxation and resonance, you have to approach it with the right mood. It’s not necessarily fair to go into a story expecting a denser plot and character exchanges raison d’etre How to Grill Our Love GN 1 It’s the implementation of iyashikei. However, it’s the series’ responsibility to make it easier for people to relax and settle into that tone, setting that stage here. If the lack of immersion makes it harder for people to engage with it the way they want, it’s the title’s fault. Given that I intentionally did not enter the first volume of Looking forward to more than BBQ with a lovely couple Good point, I don’t know how irrational I am because I’m more distracted by its methods than I’m invited to hang out with it.

My main problem is the way

It seems to confuse “simple” with “shallow” when it comes to handling the characters and story. Simple is good; a good steak needs very little seasoning before it’s seared to perfection to bring out its flavor. However, this comic is not terribly rare, but mostly in uncooked form. Our protagonists in Kenta and Chihiro don’t do much for them other than being mingled into a romantic intimacy that promotes grilling as their primary method of bonding. So while they formally bond relatively quickly, there’s no tension or chemistry as a component. That means the mechanics of their quick, long-distance marriage are less a superficial fantasy than a mechanical story invention.

That fantasy angle is the main distraction, I would say, it keeps getting me lost in

BBQ sauce. Initially, I could assume that Kenta, the grill guru, stumbled into marrying a beautiful, successful woman like Chihiro as his wife, and she accepted his obsession with hot coals as part of some sort of self-insertion setup for something like Style steaks searing simps. But then you find out that Chihiro himself is more of a cipher than Kenta. The idea articulated is that she’s posing stoically for work purposes and that her “authentic self” has more authentic value. But that only shows in the fact that she seems happy to be with this nebbish niku-nerd. It takes all kinds of things, and I’m not here to judge whether our heroine is acting as a projection screen for someone else’s Kissing Chef fantasy.

Apart fromThen

you get the book and find out the author Shiori Hanatsuka 292 wasn’t even a die-hard fan before putting this comic together, she and her editor had to research it from a novice perspective. So it’s all about catering to


Grill Girlfriend viewers? Or is it just a single concept that’s underdeveloped because the writing of these characters conveys this grilling trifle? You know what I mean about this series, let me wander in its weeds while I should be able to relax in the backyard.

food porn somewhat alleviates the “who is it for” question, at least on point. Hanazuka’s research gave her the ability to make some delicious-looking meat. Dishes like seafood in al ajillo sauce are portrayed as especially enticing. They provide their readers with easy-to-follow appreciation recipes that they are sure to encourage them to try and prepare for themselves. When the cooking descriptions seep into Kenta’s actual dialogue, it does become another distraction. Elaborating that grilling is his entire personality, besides being a newly married wife, so when he describes these recipes in that way, it takes away even more of his personality. I know it’s one of those cooking cartoons, but this guy doesn’t speak like a real person in these ways.

This approach means that Kenta and Chihiro are largely deprived of interacting and becoming through their experience of the food itself More intimately, which is one thing the manga seems interested in. Apart from an early example about Chihiro mismixing a curry, they don’t really feel like they’re responding to the flavors. As mentioned before, food is depicted and described to make it look delicious. But when our leadership’s only response to this is a pleasant “Yes, that does taste good!”, it just leads to feeling at a loss.

begins with a small amount of storytelling at the end of the first volume, making the couple’s relationship better and sarcastically concluding Their determination to be together forever is to open up and share their feelings. Perhaps this will lead to more intimate, playful interactions in the future, but in that moment, it feels like adding the last pinch of salt to a dish that you suddenly realize lacks flavor. This story draws attention to how little Kenta (and us) knew about Chihiro before this point, which might not be a good thing. It even ends up undercutting some of the manga’s more unique appeal, as the idea of ​​watching a pair of grown-up 30-something adults somehow take away as they’re still barely able to hold hands in middle-school-style struggles. Perhaps exploring how the couple was so inexperienced before getting married could be the driving factor for all the culinary content, but

without it.

uncertain bad

employs a nonchalant approach in its titular attempt at comfort. It’s good and innocuous, but it could have been better as an illustrated cookbook with a couple of likeable owners, barring any pretend characterization or storyline. I can muster gratitude for the raw appeal of food that can be conveyed with a cold beer or a properly paired rum and coke. But when there’s nothing else driving the plot of how we eat these meals, you end up with a far more distracting exercise than this translation’s odd tendency to be in between what the characters say “grill” and ” Grill”, usually through consecutive pages. It’s a pity that I must stress that the style and subject matter definitely got me into this manga want

like it. But for a start, despite their intent, they didn’t cook with this.

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