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How to Set the Table This Holiday Season and Beyond

You will need: Napkins, Napkin Rings, Salad/Appetizer Forks, Dinner Forks, Placemats, Plates, Dinner Knives, Appetizer Knives, Spoons, Bread Pans, Butter Knife , white wine glass, red wine glass, and water glass

Meals of more than three courses use a formal venue setting. There is no definitive guide to formal venue settings, as it often depends on the services offered. “A multi-course meal can have many many

variations in terms of context,” explains Emily Post. “Soup can be served between salad and main course, which moves the spoon between two knives, there may be a soup dish and a palette-cleaning mint sorbet combo, which means using two Spoon, or take the spoon out for these courses.”

If you’re trying this setup, the author of this article recommends consulting the menu and then setting up the utensils in the order they will be used. Again, the first utensil you use should be on the outside.

In this case we will stick to the classic formal curriculum as outlined in Tiffany’s Teen Table Manners: soup, fish, Meat, salad and dessert, served in order. (If you need one of each flatware for a casual setting, two for an informal setting and three for a formal setting.)

On the left side of the plate, from left to right , a spear fork, a main course fork, and then a salad fork. On the right side of the plate, from right to left, there are salad knife, main kitchen knife, fish knife, and spoon. Wine glasses, water glasses, and champagne glasses are arranged above the knife. The napkin with the napkin holder should be placed to the left of the fork, while the bread plate is placed above the fork, and the butter knife is placed across the plate.

So many dishes, multiple dishes will be used. Therefore, a charger board is required as a base component. The meal tray will be placed on the charger as the lesson progresses.



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