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How to stay healthy in 2023?Here are 8 easy ways

Whether you’re a New Year’s resolution maker or not, January is often a time to take stock and think about your lifestyle. Research shows that those who make up their minds tend to give up quickly, which isn’t surprising given the (often unattainable) goals we set for ourselves. Instead of making it a mission to ditch old habits, how about developing new, healthier ones?


) “It’s not enough just to show up,” says Self-Space Therapy founder and says Jodie Cariss, author of How to Grow Through What You’re Going Through . “Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of fate or ‘fate’. It’s a hot topic these days, but relying on performance can actually make you very passive in life and put you in a A place where change is empowering. Lean on the past and the future with a sense of ownership and responsibility – which will boost confidence in the long run. Lead your own life with a burning torch.”

Up Your Recovery Game

Recovery techniques are all the rage in the fitness world. Whether it’s an ice bath, a visit to the Stretch Lab, a freezer, or a sauna, we make it our mission to help our bodies recover physically after a challenging session. However, “rarely do we apply the same mindset to other types of life events that deserve the same attention to recovery,” says nutritionist, naturopath, and founder of Artah, Rhian Stephenson. “Taking a proactive approach to recovering from intense stress, physical injury, emotional events, and illness is an important aspect of building resilience. We are naturally impatient, so often try to return to normal immediately after an injury, COVID-19 infection, or childbirth, But skipping the recovery phase creates a false sense of progress.”

She recommends adopting a mindset that sees recovery as one of the core pillars of wellness (alongside exercise and nutrition) . It can be as simple as taking a probiotic after antibiotics (we love Artah’s new enhanced probiotics), or it can be as important as investing in therapy after an emotional event. “The key is acknowledging that an investment in recovery is an investment in our current and future well-being.”

Try cold water therapy

From Bei From La Hadid to Gwyneth Paltrow, Celebrities love soaking in cold water to help regulate mood and health and overall wellbeing – Global Cryotherapy Market Estimated to2030 will reach almost $400 million dollars, and this is the tip you will hear more about health. “It’s been shown to have many benefits, from affecting depression, anxiety, immunity and metabolism to pain management, and new research suggests it may even help treat dementia and Alzheimer’s,” said CEO Laura Rich Laura Fullerton said. An easy-to-use smart home ice bath from Monk. “It only takes 18 minutes per week to see and feel the benefits.”

“At first glance, ear plugs may look like jewelry, but they’re actually so much more than that,” says Emilia Herting, co-founder of Get Escapada Health. “They’re great for anxiety, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. Our life energy, or qi, can be restored to flow by applying pressure to specific points with the aim of releasing energy blockages in the body and achieving internal balance – ear seeding involves applying small gold-plated beads to the ear at specific points. They stay in There until they drop.”

Eat more fiber

Study shows high fiber intake lowers risk of heart disease Risk of – Improve your fitness Consuming as little as 8 grams per day can reduce your risk of dying from any chronic disease by up to 18%. Nutritionist and medical scientist Dr. Federica Amati says we should be looking to reinvent the typical “five a day” (including fruits and vegetables) to 30 or Zhou grows more different plants to help increase the diversity of gut microbes. In addition to incorporating plenty of leafy greens and veggies in all the colors of the rainbow, supplements like Indi Body can help. “It presents an opportunity to increase our polyphenol, fiber and plant intake in a delicious and easy way without adding fillers, preservatives or other harmful chemicals,” she said. With 5.4 grams of multiple fibers per serving, along with bioavailable antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it’s an easy way to improve your diet.

Oil Your Hair Weekly

According to Akash Mehta, CEO of Fable & Mane,

was the year that oiling the hair became a household practice (it was already an important part of the Ayurvedic tradition). “Whether it’s on yourself or your loved ones, hair painting has been around for centuries, but it’s recently become popular on TikTok because of the ‘hair removal’ trend,” he said. “It strengthens and nourishes the roots, improves circulation, promotes healthy hair growth, and reduces stress.” Massage a hair oil, like the brand’s HoliRoots Hair Oil, into your scalp and roots, then brush the remaining oil with your fingers To mid-lengths and ends of hair – you can leave it on overnight or wash it out after minutes.

Form a habit

To form a good habit, why not try to form a habit? “Habit stacking is when you identify an existing habit and then layer a desired new behavior (or habit) on top of it,” says Anna Samuels, founder of Boxx. habit, and want to start exercising every day, drinking coffee in the morning can serve as a cue to start exercising a new habit. This approach takes advantage of the way the brain is wired—it requires less willpower by linking new habits to old behaviors, So your chances of sticking to your new behavior increase.”

Improves gum health

Studies show poor gum and tooth health Can cause adverse effects throughout the body – a study showed that people with a history of periodontal disease had a 30% increased risk of mental health problems and 30 % increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Making sure your dental health is the most important (and easy) thing.

“Most people seem to only clean their teeth, but the key is the gum line because that’s where bacteria grow and get trapped,” says Dr. Reena Wadia, founder of RW Perio. “Remember your teeth, tongue and gum line, and look at your mouth as a whole. As well as using mouthwash at different times you brush (as it reduces the effectiveness of your toothpaste), make sure to clean between your teeth.” Interdental brush is ideal, but if not, then floss. Once a day is key.”




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