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How to Use Canva Flyer Maker

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Ensuring customers understand their products and services is a top priority for business owners. To reach customers, businesses use a variety of tools, including social media and email. Flyers are also a traditional tool to help businesses get publicity.

What is Canva Flyer Maker?

For businesses looking for an integrated tool to design flyers, Canva is the obvious choice. But what is Canva? Canva is an integrated tool that keeps flyer design simple. It comes with many templates, images and fonts.

Why you should use Canva Flyer Maker for your business

While there are many digital tools for flyer design, Canva Stand out with its unique features and benefits.

  • Collaborate and design your flyer together: Are there many team members working on your business flyer? Canva makes it easier for them to come together and develop flyer designs. Since it’s hosted in the cloud, Canva allows multiple users to access the tool at the same time.
  • Get great with little or no design skills Results: One of the great things about Canva is that it maintains its brand consistency for users who lack graphics skills. Customize your flyer to reflect your brand identity: If you wish to use a flyer to promote your business or promotion, you can add your company logo and brand colors on Canva for a consistent look and feel.


    Canva also offers printing services to ensure you get high quality prints Quality flyers. You can choose to have the final product delivered directly to your door.

How to Create a Canva Flyer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know how Canva makes it easier for you to create flyers, let’s go through all the steps to get started with the tool.

Step 1: Open Canva

Open Canva and enter flyer in the search bar.

Step 2: Select a template

You will find a large selection of templates on the platform. Choose the template that best suits your flyer.

Step 3: Customize

When creating a flyer, you can use Canva’s drag-and-drop option to customize the template. You can change fonts, messages, lines and colors to make branded flyers.

Step 4: Add Design Elements

    Elevate your design by adding more elements to your flyer design. You can select icons, images and illustrations and add them to the layout.

    Step 5: Place an order

    Last Order – Print Quality via Canva Prints. free delivery. You can also save your designs as PDF, PNG or JPEG files.

    How to add a link to a Canva flyer

    Adding a flyer link is a great way to increase traffic to your website. The best part? Adding links to your designs is simple.

    Here’s how to include a link to a Canva flyer.

    1. Choose your template
    2. Click the text area
    3. A panel will open several options. In the upper right corner, look for the link icon and click on it Enter the link and save your template

      How to print a flyer from Canva

      Many small businesses prefer Canva as an end-to-end flyer printing solution provider. In other words, not only can you use its free templates and customize them for your brand, but you can also have them delivered to your door.

      This is how to print a file from Canva.

      1. Complete your flyer design
      2. Click the print button to print your design

      3. Approve the design and send a second view
      4. to get a free professional print version to your place

        Canva Flyer Template Options (Paid)

        If you want more advanced tools, you can try Canva Pro. This is a paid service that gives small teams more opportunities to create and download designs. Canva Pro offers more options when it comes to customization, layouts, and themes.

        Let’s take a look at some of the best templates Canva Pro can choose from.

          Copper White Minimalist Property Directory Flyer

            This template effect when you want to focus on visuals optimal. This can be in the form of a product catalog or final product. So if you are a store owner, this is a great template to choose from.

            Luxurious Delicate Pink Watercolor and Gold Handwritten Spring Sale Flyer

              If you are looking for minimalistic design, this template can meet your requirements. It uses different fonts to draw attention to the text.

              Orange Light Yellow Dynamic Light Heart Restaurant Business Flyer

                  This template strikes the right balance between color and information. It contains a lot of text, but the settings make it easy to read. It also provides a nice layout for images to present more beautifully.

                  Canva Flyer Templates (Free)

                  There are tons of paid templates out there for designing flyers, Canva also offers many free template. This is especially useful for small teams that want a powerful creative tool that doesn’t break the budget.

                  Let’s take a look at some of the best templates.

                  Fun and colorful illustration summer promotion flyer (vertical)

                      are looking for a quirky design to attract people to you Concerned about the next summer event? The way this template uses icons, colors and visual elements make sure your flyer stands out.

          Teal Modern Tips To Learn New Language Flyer

              Flyers are a useful tool for your classroom. Take this template for example. Its simple design and cool layout emphasize the message you want to convey to your audience.

              Minimalist Simple Travel Flyer

                Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Love the template here. You can use it when you have a hero image that you want to display on your flyer.

                Canva Flyer and Flyer Design Examples

                Looking for more inspiration? Let’s take a look at more Canva flyers that can come in handy when designing your own.

                Orange and Brown Modern Home For Rent Flyer

                  If you own a real estate business , this template may be useful. Its layout provides ample space and balance for images and text.

                  Red Modern Asian Korean Food Sales Flyer

                    The template is highlighted in the striking and creative way. It’s worth mentioning that there’s very little text, which works better on this design.

                    Aesthetics Daily Quotes Flyer

                    You don’t always need a A great image to make a cool flyer. You can use abstract backgrounds here for great effects like this template.

                    Brown Red Vintage Classic Event Motorcycle Flyer

                      This template is very Perfect for retro themed events. From colors to fonts, this template has a unique look and feel.

                      Gradient Simple New Product Flyer

                        when you want to make sure This template can make life easier when focusing solely on a single image or product.


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