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How to use ChatGPT-4 for free (no Plus subscription required)

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At the end of 2022, ChatGPT is popular all over the world. Chatbots introduced the concept of large language model AI to millions of people. It has sparked both excitement about how far AI can go and concern about what that means for certain professions, and for humanity as a whole. Although people are shocked by the current state of ChatGPT, OpenAI is not stopping there.

The company announced the release of GPT- 4. The model that ChatGPT ran and is still running is GPT-3.5 – GPT-4 is more powerful. It was 40 percent more likely to give relevant answers, was more than 80 percent less likely to be tricked into violating OpenAI rules, and was able to give in-depth responses of up to 25,000 words. It’s also multimodal in that it can generate sounds and images, not just text — though OpenAI hasn’t yet demonstrated those capabilities.

There is a problem. If you are a ChatGPT user, GPT-4 is only available for paid subscriptions. Even so, access to it is very limited. Users are limited to sending a maximum of 25 messages every three hours. But OpenAI’s chatbot isn’t the only program running GPT-4. There are other ways to access it, many of which are free, and some don’t limit how much you can use the model for a short period of time as of this writing.

Bing Chat

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ChatGPT is at the heart of Microsoft’s recent Bing revamp. Users can now ask the conversational version of the tech giant’s search engine to perform tasks. The LLM chatbot will then do its best to complete these tasks. While it’s not always accurate, it does offer a new way of gathering and digesting information. What the public doesn’t quite understand is what’s going on under the hood. Bing Chat is actually powered by GPT-4. Microsoft is one of the largest investors in OpenAI, so the company Has access to the best language models OpenAI has released to date. Like ChatGPT, the original Bing Chat was powered by GPT-3.5, and there was nothing special about it. It was upgraded some time ago when the model powering it was switched to GPT-4. You can talk to Bing all you want, and it has some other advantages over OpenAI’s original model. While ChatGPT’s internet access is plugin-dependent and limited, the ability to search the web is at the heart of Bing’s design.

Bing is arguably the better chatbot of the two, but even As such, it also has some limitations. It is harder to teach than plain GPT-4, and it is not suitable for providing long-winded answers. Still, if you have a Microsoft account and access to the company’s Edge browser, it’s still free, so why not give it a go?


Screenshot Forefront personas

Screenshot Forefront personas Dave McQuilling/SlashGear

Forefront is one of the more unique ways to interact with the GPT-4 model. It’s also completely free, fast, and allows unlimited usage. Forefront’s unique selling point revolves around the persona you choose before chatting. Pre-made personas are available, and there are tons of real and fictional characters to choose from. So if you’ve ever wanted to talk to an AI pretending to be Joan of Arc, Taylor Swift, or Batman, now’s your chance.

User can even create own role. If you’re just looking for something close to vanilla GPT-4, the “Helpful Assistant” option is probably your best bet. Likewise, if you’re looking for a recipe, a chef character like Gordon Ramsay might offer a more unique answer. If you have questions about technology, why not ask AI Steve Jobs?

One of the ways One Forefront is better than ChatGPT is in its organization. You can create multiple folders and store chat history in them. Thus, you can separate role-playing from business issues. Although Forefront is free to use, it does require an account. Users can create one specifically or simply log in with Google.

Quora Poe


Quora’s Poe platform is a great way to interact with many AI chatbots, one of which is GPT-4. To access the bot, you need to log in with a dedicated account or with a Google or Apple account. While you can access GPT-4 and many other language models through Poe, access to some of them is limited, and GPT-4 is one of the models on the restricted list. You can only send so many free messages in a day before Poe shuts you down.

This is better than ChatGPT currently allowing its free users to access GPT-4 More times, and very close to the level of service that OpenAI users pay $20 per month — although those OpenAI users may be able to send more messages. You also can’t subscribe to Poe online; instead, you have to do it through Apple’s App Store.

The number of free messages you can send seems to depend on overall demand. During testing, we were only able to send one message before getting locked out. The reset timer also appears to be set to GMT +1, so if you’re in the US your message count will reset around 8pm ET. This is worth watching more than anything. It’s a platform with huge potential, and other chatbots are worth checking out as well. It may also become the first choice for GPT-4 when the company eventually increases the number of messages.

There may be more

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Despite getting enough signups to break its own system, most of OpenAI’s revenue is not From ChatGPT Plus Subscription. Instead, it leases its models to other companies, which then use them to create programs of their own. This means that there are already plenty of sites on the internet that allow you to interact with GPT-4 — and there will likely be more over time.

Some sites, such as Poe and Ora, also offer this model, But very restrictive. You can’t have a decent chat with their current messaging limitations, but they’re worth favoriteing and following. These messaging restrictions will likely be relaxed at some point, which will make these two platforms viable and well-built options for those who want to use GPT-4. OpenAI may also make GPT-4 the standard model for ChatGPT once the hype around the model dies down a bit.

There is a great opportunity for you now or in the near future It is possible to interact with the model without even knowing it. GPT-4 isn’t designed to be a novelty you can chat with online – it’s designed to take AI to the next level. So there’s a good chance more search engines will adopt it or something like that. Customer service is another area where GPT-4 could shine — though like Google, Amazon has its own LLM AI in the works, so keep your eyes and mind open when you’re chatting online.



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