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How Two Contenders Are Embracing Awards Season Chaos: 'We're Going To All The Events'

For some, the schedule of awards season can be exhausting and heartbreaking. But for filmmakers Sarah Polley and Hildur Gudnadóttir, it’s simply the best.

and Tár composer

Gudnadóttir at the BAFTA tea party Polley stood next to pal Polley on the red carpet at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills on Saturday. “It was really funny because we didn’t see each other often, and it was a great excuse to hang out with Sarah and go to all the events with her. We kept annoying ourselves with our laughs.”

Polley on tour for her critically acclaimed Women Talking says others may complain about demands and red carpets as she embraces chaos The number is dizzying. “We’re having the best time. We’re going to everything,” she laughs. “We’re happy to be there. I guess it’s a bit loser style but we’re fine with that. We’ll enjoy every scone and glass we’re offered Tea or champagne. It’s all going to be consumed. We’re fine.”

That’s exactly the celebratory mood BAFTA Tea officials were hoping for this weekend, after the event was interrupted for two weeks by the pandemic. It’s back after a year. Depending on how one chooses to look at it, the downpour in the city of Los Angeles either threatened the atmosphere or enhanced the feel of a London-style celebration. What better time to comfort a contender than with a cup of Earl Gray tea and a scone with Devonshire cream and strawberry compote?

Tár Stars Cate Blanchett and Nina Howth.
Monica Chip/Getty Images

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu is a good cocktail and chum. “I’m here because I’m going to meet Guillermo del Toro, that’s my main mission,” Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths said the director. “I’ll have a drink with him, and then I’ll have the pleasure of meeting some of the other directors and actresses, like Andrea Riseborough, since Birdman I haven’t seen them since seven years*). I love seeing people here and taking the opportunity to give them a hug. That’s enough to bring me here.”

BAFTA Hosted by first-time partners Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic, the guest count included recent Golden Globe winners such as Cate Blanchett Angela Bassett , Michelle Yeoh , Grace , Guillermo del Toro and his Pinocchio team including Mark Gustafson, Patrick McHale, Corey Campodonico and Gary Ungar, and guests such as Michelle Williams, Jerry Bruckheimer, Kate Hudson, Rian Johnson

with composer cousin Nathan Johnson, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, Jaylen Barron, Grace Bratton, Diane Warren and Sophia Carson, Park Chan-wook, Chinonye Chukwu, Scott Cooper, Danny Ramirez, Tarzan Davis, Danielle Deadwyler, Dolly De Leon, Lukas Dhont, Jenny Slate, Dean Fleischer-Camp, Brendan Fraser, Jared Harris , Eve Hewson, Judd Harris Hirsch, Sharon Hogan, Nina Hoss, Stephanie Hsu, Samuel Hunt, Justin Hurwitz, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Daniel Kwan, Gabriel Labelle, Janelle Monet, Katherine Newton, Bill Nighy, Brandon Perea, Gina Prince-Bythwood, Lewis Pullman, SS Rajamuli, Shirley Lee Ralph, Banks Repetta, Andrea Riseborough, Taylor Russell, Daniel Scheinert, Julia Schlaepfer, Maria Schrader, Cathy Schulman, Jona than Tucker and so on.

Angela Bassett and Michelle Yeoh.
Emma McIntyre/Getty for BAFTA photo

The event supports BAFTA’s year-round Learning, Inclusion and Talent programs in North America and is scheduled at the new date. It usually lands on the Saturday before the Golden Globes, and today’s party came four days after the Golden Globes. “After our short and long lists came out, we looked at the calendar and thought about what would be best for [the upcoming BAFTA Film Awards]. We also have people from London who can make the trip before the UK gets too busy ,” explained BAFTA Los Angeles CEO Matthew Wiseman. “New date, same weather.”

BAFTA CEO Jane Millichip also noted the precipitation. “I brought the British weather,” she joked before getting serious. “It’s a really important event for us to be able to celebrate the nominees, the long list and build anticipation around [the BAFTA Awards] next month.” Happening faster: Millichip says she’s looking forward to a glass Delicious tea, preferably Assam tea and “delicious” skim milk. “But the water needs to be very hot. Americans don’t always boil water long enough.”

When countless glasses were drunk at the Four Season ballroom, the red carpet was packed Talented people who are keen to talk about their projects. The following are highlights from those interviews.

The Fabelmans star Michelle Williams just watched Steven Spielberg win two at the Golden Globes The awards, including best picture, paid tribute to the legendary filmmaker and said how exciting it is to see him honored in this way. “What he provided was so intimate, so vulnerable, and to see that vulnerability pay off so much was really rewarding for those who witnessed the unbelievably soft place he opened up to all of us. Excited.”

Top Gun: Maverick Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has had a lot of good luck in his career, but he It feels different to say this awards season is about Tom Cruise-starrer. “It’s a movie that brings people back to the theater. It brings older audiences back who haven’t been to the theater in years, and reminds people what a wonderful experience it is to sit in a theater, where you can listen to to laughter, crying and excitement. That’s what cinema can do,” Bruckheimer said.


Top Gun: Maverick by Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez and Greg Tarzan David starring.
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Helmer Rian Johnson walks the carpet with his composer cousin, Nathan Johnson, and they reminisce about how they started making films together as teenagers. “That’s how we spend our holidays and now when we have a weird vertigo on the real scoring stage at Abbey Road 90 – Orchestra, we look at each other,” Rian explained.

On those home movies, Nathan said they would finish their movie and invite all their relatives to do a home screening in one room. “Right now, they’re all coming to our premiere, but now there are thousands of people,” he said. For the record, those early home movies still exist, but “never will be seen again,” laughs Rian. “I digitized them a while back and passed them on to the whole family. Our first one was called Bee-Busters. It was like Ghostbusters, but with kids smashing wasp nests in their playhouse. It was just kind of Stupid fun, you know?”

Triangle of Sadness star Dolly De Leon on holiday break The period took some time to process her critically acclaimed Good Luck Ruben Ostlund film. “I spent some time by the sea, and when I was around a big body of water, it really balanced me out in a way and I was back in my groove. It finally sank and I realized I was supposed to live In the moment, enjoy everything, absorb everything, appreciate everything that is happening. It’s that simple, and it works.”

Joint of Pinocchio Director Mark Gustafson is still working on the franchise’s recent Golden Globe win for Best Animated Film. “It’s crazy,” he said. “I never thought I’d go through this in my life, so I try to accept it and not get too drunk.” Accompanied by collaborators Patrick McHale, Corey Campodonico and Gary Ungar, each All quick to pay tribute to the hundreds of artists who worked on the film (also a big shout out to modern art The Museum’s current exhibition presents their work). “Very talented artists, because we filmed for about a thousand days, so they all became family. We became very, very close, so we represent all the other very talented people here.”

Speaking of animated films, Turning Red director Domee Shi and producer Lindsay Collins collaborators say they are enjoying the swirl of events and the chance to meet other artists they admire. “Everything Everywhere All at Once ,” Collins said. “We love them and always say, ‘Remember us?'” Shih posted her photo on Friday, sending a message to Avatar guru James Kame Long introduced himself. “I had to say, ‘Hi James, congratulations from one Canadian director to another,'” Shih explained, adding that Cameron promised to watch “Turning Red” with his daughter. “I was like, ‘Yeah, please do this. I’ll support you.'”

Holy Spider star Zar Amir -Ebrahimi admitted she was jet-lagged but was still spotted enjoying the energy of the scene, even if it “felt like a dream”. She added, “This movie has been an amazing journey for me. The prize is the movie’s message of justice and hope that touched so many people. It really touched my heart too.”

The Whale Writer Samuel D. Hunter discovers Brendan Fraser – starring Darren Aronofsky is expanding and will eventually play at Hometown Cinema in Moscow, Idaho. “It was played at the same theater where my grandfather was an usher’ 24s,” said Hunter, a University of Iowa graduate who created the work as a play. “I can’t wait for them to go there and see it. They’ll give me a report.”

Although Oscar winner Diane Warren has walked this place many times before each year, she says, “feels new and different.” Accompanied by actress and singer Sofia Carson, she performs a track from the film Tell it Like a Woman, Warren is in a familiar spot after being shortlisted for the Oscars for their collaboration. “I never take it for granted. It’s an honor, you know, to be on the shortlist. It’s even hard to do that. Now, you try the shorter shortlist.” [Oscar nominations to be announced in January .]

Speaking of nominations, Jonathan Tucker already has one — for Best Supporting Actor at the upcoming Spirit Awards — for his daring turn as palm trees and power cords . Playing the role of an older man who seduces teenage girls while hiding ulterior motives is a daunting task as a performer, he confirms. “Many aspects of building a performance have been very challenging. I’ve also always wanted to support these three women—director-writer, producer-actor Jamie Dack, Leah Chen Baker and Lily McInerny. That’s my job, in many On the one hand, it bleeds into the acting in a really good way because at the end of the day that’s what you want from that character. I played someone who felt like I was providing a sense of self-worth. So, it had all this weirdness The, meta stuff.”

After a long and successful career, Tucker admitted that this was one of his performances that proved to be a tough game. “It was the toughest project I’ve ever been on,” he added. “Wow watching this movie as a father and husband is like brutal, that’s for sure.”

Kate Hudson attends The BAFTA Tea Party presented by Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on January 14, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Jonathan Tucker and Tara Tucker.
Alberto Rodriguez/WireImage

Stephanie Hsu feels sunnier in a Simone Rocha design for the occasion. “This is my first big parade and it’s been a complete learning adventure,” said the Everything at the Same Time star. As for her outfits, she credits Los Angeles-based styling duo Wayman and Micah for helping create the perfect outfit for each event. “It’s a tea party today, so we decided to have an event that feels like a British tea party. There’s always intention behind the way I show up.” Cheers.


Ke Huy Quan and Janelle Monáe in Thom Browne. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


Kate Hudson.
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