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How two 'Sex and the City' obsessives brought the series' tiniest moments to life

Morris sent me an article about actor Sundra Oakely playing the cook for black music producer Samantha Lover in Season 3 Episode 5 “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts” sister’s experience. The episode was riddled with stereotypes and was considered the most cringe-worthy episode of the series, but Morris pointed out that Oakley still looked great. “She was very powerful in a red dress. I thought, ‘Wow, Pat really did her thing. She didn’t overshadow anyone, maybe they were extras, but they competed,'” Morris explain. “They showed up, as many as any other women.”

In another essay, Morris highlighted American-Korean comedian Margaret Cho in season 4 episode 2 episode as a publicist, titled “The Real Me,” Carrie crashed on the runway. Morris captioned her image, “This show doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Nails! Attitude! Swear! Work! Drama! Eyebrows! Boyfriend! margaret cho did what needed to be done. You like her best Which line from that?”

One of her favorite moments happened when Natasha and her friends ran into Carrie and her crew. “Natasha walked in with her friends and she was a beautiful black girl. She had her ponytail pulled back and she was wearing a red Fendi baguette and she just gave them such a fierce look while Charlotte was like ‘Wow, do you see the way her friends look at us?'”

At the end of the day, Morris likes to create an atmosphere, shape her stylish personality, and base her The moment she loves develops a world — big or small. “You kind of create the ‘I have a place to go, something to do, someone to look at, these are the shoes’ essence,” Morris said. “I want to move effortlessly but with purpose.”



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